Hannah Meets an American in Photos for Girls Episode 3, ‘American Bitch’


Chuck Palmer is about to meet his match

The final season of Girls has so far seemed like it has bene made of separate, interconnected vignettes. Hannah has gone to the Hamptons, then to Poughkeepsie, and now she’s going to hang out with a famous author. Some new photos for episode 3, ‘American Bitch,’ so the stage for what looks like is going to be a rather tense interaction.

Lena Dunham, Matthew Rhys (Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO)

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We’re particularly fond of this photo. Author Chuck Palmer, played by The Americans’ Matthew Rhys, sits sullenly while Hannah overlooks some sort of document. The slippers are a nice touch. We don’t know how Hannah ended up in this position, but we do know that there is some controversy surrounding Palmer. For some reason, Hannah is involved, mostly likely in an interviewer capacity. From the preview that we’ve seen, talks are going to get a little heated.

Matthew Rhys (Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO)

Here we have Palmer on his own, though Hannah’s arm can clearly be seen. He very much has the air of a pretentious, rich author, and we look forward to seeing him in such a role. ‘American Bitch’ gives off a vibe similar to the infamous season 2 episode with Patrick Wilson, in which Hannah pretty much falls down a rabbit hole for a weekend. We hope that Girls has learned enough since then to not repeat the same mistakes. With how well season 6 has gone so far, we’re optimistic that it has.

It’s looking like this particular episode is going to tightly focus on Hannah – no other main character appears in the preview or in the above photos. Girls tends to be at its best when it spreads itself over a few characters, though there have been some exceptions to that.

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Girls season 6, episode 3, ‘American Bitch,’ will premiere on February 16th. In case you can’t wait, it’s streaming a few days early to avoid competing with the Oscars.