Westworld’s POP Figures are Coming this Spring


Get ready to open those wallets

Westworld is making its first official foray into the world of collective figures, and they’re doing it with what is probably the best name in the affordable figure business right now. People go absolutely crazy for those cute, little Funk POP figures. So crazy, in fact, that they have their own reseller market that can get quite pricy. Westworld will have multiple figures as part of their first collection, and we now know that they’ll be coming in spring.

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Funko’s official website lists the figures as coming in April, though there isn’t an exact date and no preorders up yet. You can also get a better view of the various figures at the official site, which we suggest doing. For example, we didn’t previously realize that the Young Ford POP had lines on his face to indicate his, uh, face opening. Nightmare fuel, basically.

These are not exclusive to any specific retailer, so expect them to be available at the usual hot POP spots. These also are not limited, so don’t feel like you have to rush out to grab them as soon as they hit the shelves. Though they are pretty cute.

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If this push into the collectible figure market is successful, and we assume that it will be, expect there to be a second wave at some point in the future. After that come she world of show and retailer exclusives, and that’s when things will really get exciting/frustrating. Westworld’s first season ended up doing well for HBO, and it looks like they’re putting it in position to take the reins from Game of Thrones when the time comes.