HBO is Celebrating Women’s History Month all Month Long


HBO wil be highlighting strong women all month

March is Women’s History Month, a distinction which isn’t lost on HBO. The network has, and has had, a number of shows over the years highlighting strong women. Now, they’re going to celebrate them. To kick off the month, HBO posted a new promo titled “Write Your Own Story.”

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It’s easy to get chills from that, isn’t it? The promo highlights a slew of strong HBO women, including Cersei, Daenerys,  Hannah, Dolores, Maeve, Selina, the Big Little Lies crew, and many others. It unfortunately only focuses on current shows, which makes sense even though we would have liked to have seen, say, some The Sopranos  or Six Feet Under representation.

The official HBO press release lays out the plans for the month, which include highlighting various women each week. Each week will have a theme, and the individual days will feature series or movies with strong women. For example, week one is called The First Wave, and has titles like Suffragette, Bessie, Grey Gardens, and Conformation. Not all of the movies present are strictly HBO’s own.

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This all means very little when it comes to HBO’s regular television programming – this is basically a streaming only initiative. Outside of possibly seeing the new promo on TV, don’t expect HBO to change their normal programming for Women’s History Month. These movies and series will get promotion on both HBO Go and HBO Now and will also get a healthy amount of social media attention. These are HBO’s suggest watches for the month, but there will be no special events around them.

Let us know if you plan to partake of HBO’s Women’s History Month?