Nobody is Having a good time in Photos for Girls Episode 4, ‘Painful Evacuation’


This could be a heavy one

Girls is in the middle of something like a renaissance, which is a complete shame because this is its final season. Season 6 has had Girls’ greatest bottle episode and all of the characters (minus Jess and Adam, more on that later) have experienced growth in their various story arcs. Episode 4 of season 6, titled ‘Painful Evacuation,’ is going to throw Hannah a potentially serious medical scare as well as some drama and Jessa and Adam. We have the photos to prove it.

Andrew Rannells, Lena Dunham (Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO)

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Here we have a depressed Hannah with Elijah. This is actually a shot that we’ve seen before in one of the first teasers, though we didn’t know then that Hannah’s worrying could have something to do with a medical issue.  Elijah’s hand, by the way, is covered in pizza grease.

Adam Driver, Jemima Kirke; Lena Dunham (Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO)

Episode 4 will finally bring back Jess and Adam, who have mostly been absent in the season so far. The two of them are living separate lives from the rest of the characters, especially now that Ray seems to no longer be living with there. Jessa wants Adam to take more control of his career, perhaps turning to directing or producing. We don’t know how this is going to play out, or really if the two of them will end up staying together.

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At this point a reconciliation doesn’t seem all too likely, though there’s still time left in the season. Although they aren’t shown in the photos, we do know that the episode will involve Marnie dealing with Desi as he goes through rehab. We have high hopes for the rest of Girls’ final season, and ‘Painful Evacuation’ looks like it’s going to continue the trend of strong episodes that we’ve seen so far.