Hannah Considers Motherhood in the Preview for Girls Episode 5, ‘Gummies.’


Could Hannah really have a baby?

Mother and Hannah aren’t really two things that we’ve ever considered in the same sentence before. Or, really, in any context at all. She certainly doesn’t seem like she’s ready for that level of commitment, though she would currently have us believe otherwise. The preview for Girls episode 5, ‘Gummies,’ shows us Hannah contemplating her future. But that’s not all, because there are pot gummies afoot.

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Sure, there is an argument to be made that Hannah becoming a mother is enough drama for a single episode, but Girls doesn’t stop there. Not only will Jessa and Adam get much further along in their new film project, but Hannah’s mom is also lost and on pot gummies. There’s a lot going on here, is what we’re trying to say. Hopefully ‘Gummies’ won’t  spread itself too thin.

Ray and Marnie are also still trying to make it work, for some reason. It’s not clear whether or not Ray knows that she was cheating on him with Desi, so if not that’s going really make his day. Probably. Though at this point, perhaps he wouldn’t care all too much. It’s evident from the preview that Marnie isn’t capable of being there for him when he needs her – she’s not really capable of being there for anyone.

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Out of all that, it looks like Hannah’s mom is going to take the spotlight. The episode is named for her little encounter with the marijuana gummy worms, and Hannah is seen freaking out over where she could have gone. As per usual, Elijah is given the best line (and delivery) when he says “you lost Loraine?” half bored, half incredulous. Oh, sweet Elijah.