Go Inside Girls Episode 4, ‘Painful Evacuation,’ with Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner


How come nobody wants to talk about Ray?

Episode 4 of Girls’ final season, ‘Painful Evacuation,‘ brought about the most shocking reveal on the show that we’ve seen so far. Probably ever, as we’re not expecting anything to top it. Consider this your official spoiler warning if you’re not caught up with season 6 of Girls. You’d think that Hannah’s pregnancy would player a huge role in not only the episode, but the rest of the season. Instead, it seems like Girls is back to juggling multiple storylines, and this just happens to be one of them.

In a new edition of Inside the Episode, Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner sit down to discuss ‘Painful Evacuation,’ though equal time is given to the entire episode.

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We’re right there with Jenni Konner when she says that she’s glad that Hannah learned about it in the most humiliating way possible. It wouldn’t be Girls if it happened any other way, would it? One part of episode that we loved was Marnie’s interaction with Desi, and how painfully obvious she is about her narcissism. Unfortunately not much is said about it here, expect for the fact that Desi drinking that entire glass of water was not in the script. An inspired choice, to be fair.

Another quick thing to point out is Konner noting that we’re lucky that Adam and Jessa are actually still alive, considering how crazy they both are. The two are so similar, but that doesn’t necessarily make a good relationship. Finally, they touch on the scene with Elijah near the end, which might be one of our favorite scenes of Girls of all time. Elijah, practically naked, comforting Hannah is everything this show is about. Somehow.

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One thing that they don’t touch on, for some reason, is Ray. Ray had a huge dramatic arc in this episode, and neither Dunham nor Konner actually talk about it. A lot happened in ‘Painful Evacuation,’ but that has to be near the top of the list. To not have it mentioned at all is a little weird, even though we weren’t fans of cramming so much drama in a single episode for one character.