The First Poster for Game of Thrones Season 7 is Here


If you squint you can make out, well, nothing.

A new poster is all part of the plan when it comes to promoting a news series or season. In many cases, a poster will come a month or two before the actual show premieres. Game of Thrones, however, is not part of the usual crowd. It’s HBO’s crowning jewel, and one that they aren’t yet ready to let go of. What that means right now is that is that we have the first poster for Game of Thrones season 7, several months before it’s set to premiere.

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Winter isn’t even quite over, but HBO very much wants us to look forward to summer, when Game of Thrones will have its penultimate season. The new poster is simple but effective.

There you have it. A mixture of fire and ice – both a reference to the title of the book series and the coming conflict – and a hashtag. No, it doesn’t tell is anything, and no, it isn’t anything more than a hype poster. Even though HBO wants to get our engines started now, in March , it’s still too early for Game of Thrones season 7 to being a marketing blitz in earnest. HBO may choose to leave tasty breadcrumbs like this for the new couple of weeks or months, but it would be wise not to expect more than that.

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As of season 6, Daenerys is finally on her way back to Westeros, dragons and army included. She has no idea there is an army of ice zombies waiting for her, nor does she know the exact details of what Cersei has been up to. It would be fair to say that at least one of those is going to be more shocking than the other. We expect season 7 to be conflict heavy, and this poster backs that up nicely.