Selina Finds Herself in the Trailer for Veep Season 6


Don’t worry about Selina; she’ll be just fine

HBO was at last weekend’s South by Southwest festival in full force, bringing along escape rooms and the Game of Thrones showrunners. They also fit to drop the first full trailer for Veep season 6 while at the festival, but don’t worry, it wasn’t a festival exclusive. The new trailer finds Selina finding her way after losing the election, and it doesn’t appear that she has lost any of her particular brand of pep. Let’s call it pep.

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Jonah’s and Selina’s respective careers appear to be inversely proportional, and that’s not a fact that has been lost on the Selina. She is out for blood when it comes to Jonah, and his frightened look when she approaches him is simply delicious. Besides haunting Jonah, Selina will be trying to get back in the spotlight, and that includes doing interviews, volunteering, and traveling the world. She even visits a refugee camp, which is either a new low or new high for her depending on your perspective.

The trailer expands on what we saw in the original teaser, though fans of Veep that have been following the show on social media have been getting behind the scenes looks at season 6 for a while now. Besides seeing Selina on the move and reuniting with her old team, there isn’t all that much plot action going on here. But the insults, quips, and explicit language are as strong as ever, so we’ll let that one slide.

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Veep season 6 will be showrunner David Mandel’s second season with the series, having taken the reins from the original creator and showrunner, Armando Iannucchi after the fourth season. Mandel has continued to guide Veep to great success, and our hopes our high of the new season.