Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner talk About Girls Episode 5, ‘Gummies’


Someone really likes gummy candy

Episode 4 of Girls’ final season, ‘Gummies,’ left a lot of ground to cover. To Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner’s credit, they do a fair job of it in this edition of Inside the Episode. There’s also an important conversation to be had on the real ramifications of having sex as a woman that men simply cannot identify with.

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A lot of the clip centers around Elijah, who feels like Hannah is leaving him behind, even though she made it clear in the last episode that she does not want that. She wants Elijah to come with her on this journey, while he wants to things to stay exactly as they are. That tension leads to the blowup in the kitchen, in which Hannah’s closest friend emotionally decimates her.

Moving beyond that, it’s fun to learn that the woman playing a version of Hannah in Adam’s movie gets confused with Lena Dunham in real life. That’s some excellent casting right there, and even we must admit that there is a definite resemblance. Having the two of them talk on Hannah’s stoop at the end of the episode was an inspired choice. Dunham refers to her as a “ghost of Hannah past,” which is accurate.

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The one thing we don’t get here is an unpacking of what Ray is going through, a subject which was also skipped in the previous Inside the Episode. Ray has been going through so much over the last couple of episodes, so it’s a real shame that Dunham and Konner aren’t taking the time to examine that at all. Maybe next time?