Check out Photos for Girls Episode 6, ‘Full Disclosure’


This is going to be a rough time for all

The final season of Girls will soon be passed the halfway point, and that means that certain plot points are going too have to be dealt with. It feels likes everyone is headed for a change, perhaps Hannah more than anyone else. Hannah’s pregnancy is going to play a large role in ‘Full Disclosure,’ as we saw in the preview. The newly released photos for the episode back that up and then some.

Peter Scolari, Lena Dunham (Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO)

This is a rather nice shot of Hannah and her dad. Hannah’s dad and his partner are going to have a sit down with Hannah to discuss her pregnancy. The past couple of episodes have moved so fast that it has been easy to forget that there are still so many people who don’t know. Hopefully this little talk will go better than it did with her mother – it would be quite impressive if it was worse. Still, there is a certain kind of torture to be had from being interrogated.

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Allison Williams (Credit: Mark Schafer/HBO)

Here we have Marnie at a performance, though it’s not clear whether or not Desi is with her. Considering his current state, we’re not really expecting him to be able to tag along. Marnie is also at a huge crossroad – she has to figure out what she really wants from life, and if some of the blame falls on her. This season had seen a record number of characters telling Marnie that she’s narcissistic, so something has to give.

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We also know that ‘Full Disclosure’ will include a confrontation between Hannah and Adam, with Adam somehow thinking that Hannah isn’t over what went on between them. Adam, and to a lesser extent Jessa, have a strange preoccupation with Hannah that cannot possibly end well. This is Girls, after all.