Let’s all talk About Marnie’s mom, Rita, on Girls


A new Inside the Episode looks at Marnie’s lowest moment

Outside of a misstep here and there, season 6 of Girls has been one of its best ever. That goes for ‘Full Disclosure,‘ which managed to cover a lot of meaningful ground for a half hour. Of course, what we’re really here tot talk about it Marnie’s mom, Rita, who absolutely steals every scene that she’s in.

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Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner host the latest installment of Inside the Episode. First up, obviously, is Rita. Watching Rita’s face as she realizes she’s losing the room and the starts scatting for some insane reason is already gold, but when the camera pans to Marnie is gets even better. Dunham and Konner reveal that they loved the idea that Rita has a more active social life than Marnie, and we’re going to have to agree.

The confrontation between Adam and Hannah also comes up here, as does his movie. As Dunham points out, and also as we see in the episode, it brings up a lot of emotion for Hannah that could lead someone or mean something. But if the final season of Girls is about moving forward and finding yourself, that might not end up going anywhere. They touch on Elijah, who was able to make up with Hannah in this episode. They actually don’t talk about the scene itself, but instead gush about how amazing Andrew Rannells is, which is totally fair and accurate.

Finally, there is Adam’s movie, a clip of which is actually shown in the episode. Dunham and Konner talk about how much fun it was to shoot that for the shows, and that comes through in the episode. It’s both exciting and surreal to see fictionalized versions of Hannah and Adam meeting for the first time, with Adam of course playing himself.

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These Inside the Episodes have become a mandatory part of the Girls season 6 experience, and we couldn’t be happier with how they’ve turned out.