Fox reveals official trailer for X-Men series: “Gifted”


Last night, Fox revealed the first official trailer for their upcoming X-Men series, Gifted.

Bryan Singer, the director/writer of four of the X-Men movies (he also produced/wrote X-Men: First Class) has signed on as a director for the pilot while Matt Nix is writing. Fans of the franchise won’t need to worry about the show getting picked up past its pilot because Fox has already ordered a full season of Gifted earlier this year.

The trailer gives fans their first look at the Strucker family, the leads who are on the run once their two children, Andy and Lauren, discover they’re mutants. Reed (played by True Blood’s Stephen Moyer) has something to do with locking up people with powers but immediately switches sides to protect his children while Caitlin (played by Angel’s Amy Acker) is a doctor or nurse of some sort.

Their eldest daughter, Lauren( played by Natalie Alyn Lind), starts the trailer as already accustomed to her powers, in fact, she has decent control over her telekinesis. Meanwhile her brother, Andy (played by Percy Hynes White), accidentally destroys the school in response to some bullies beating him up which seems to be the starting point for the entire series. Whether the entire family makes it out alive by the end of Gifted‘s first season is a toss-up but luckily, they’re getting some help.

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One of the biggest complaints among X-Men fans is that the supporting characters never get enough time to shine. The franchise has done the best by its expansive roster of mutants in the 90’s cartoon where there were no limitations with who they could introduce.

Fox already addresses this problem by introducing fan favorites Blink (played by Jamie Chung), Polaris (played by Emma Dumont), and Thunderbird (played by Blair Redford) as the experienced mutants who assist the family to safety. Will they be helping the group to the X-Mansion or a different hideout? It’s unclear here but Fox definitely needs to clarify whether Gifted exists in the same universe as the movies, Legion, or in its entirely own world before the show’s premiere later this fall.

What did you think of the trailer for Gifted? Did Fox do enough to sway X-Men fans who were disappointed with X-Men: Apocalypse to give them another chance? Hit the comments below with your thoughts!