Can Stephanie Izard run the Iron Chef Gauntlet?


Stephanie Izard is the final Iron Chef Gauntlet competitor left standing, but can she run a gauntlet of three Iron Chefs?

Stephanie Izard is the final competitor left on Iron Chef Gauntlet having defeated six of the best chefs in America to earn herself a shot at becoming the next Iron Chef. He journey isn’t finished though, now Izard has to defeat three Iron Chefs.

These aren’t just any Iron Chefs either, it’s Bobby Flay, Masaharu Morimoto, and of course Michael Symon. All Iron Chefs are tough, but those are by far the three toughest.

Iron Chef Gauntlet is different from previous Next Iron Chef shows because of this gauntlet of greatness that you have to conquer. There’s a real possibility that even though Izard is an incredibly talented chef and defeated all her competitors that she won’t become the next Iron Chef.

The Iron Chefs also have a significant amount of rest on their side. We saw what happened to Shota Nakajima when he had to compete in the Chairman’s Challenge three weeks in a row. Eventually, he just got worn down and lost a challenge.

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Izard has now done two weeks of Chairman’s Challenges herself, the Iron Chefs will, on the other hand, be coming in fresh and ready to compete.

For Food Network this new layout may be a gold mine because they could have next Iron Chef-style competitions going almost all year round, knowing that even if someone beat all their competitors the chances of them running the gauntlet of Iron Chefs would be low. This would keep them from being too many Iron Chefs at one time.

We will just have to wait and see if Stephanie Izard is going to be able to run the Iron Chef Gauntlet and become the next Iron Chef.

What do you think? Will Izard become the next Iron Chef? Let us know in the comments below.