Does Twin Peaks: The Return have a new episode tonight, July 2nd?


Is Showtime airing Part 9 of “Twin Peaks: The Return” over the July 4th weekend?

Twin Peaks: The Return is coming off its most surreal and experimental episode yet with Part 8, which saw Cooper’s evil doppelgänger be shot and resurrected, as well as a performance by Nine Inch Nails at the Roadhouse, before David Lynch took viewers on a journey back to the 1950s to see the creation of evil in the modern era after the detonation of the first atomic bomb a decade earlier in the New Mexico desert, giving birth to BOB, the show’s embodiment of evil.

The installment was reminiscent of his earlier work in the cult classic film Eraserhead in its imagery, score and black and white aesthetic. Though it was sure to polarize viewers, critics have heaped praise on the episode for its cinematic quality and attempt to reinvent the television experience.

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Unfortunately, we won’t get a follow-up to the origin story and a return to the main plotline this weekend due to the July 4th holiday. Both of Showtime’s weekly shows — the reboot of Twin Peaks and the Jim Carrey-produced dramedy I’m Dying Up Here — will be taking this Sunday off but will return with new episodes on July 9th.

Due to the secretive nature of the series, there’s no description for Part 9, nor is there a preview available for the next episode, which will mark the halfway point of the 18-episode season, airing through September 3rd.

As a refresher, Part 7 featured Diane visiting Evil Cooper in prison, before he blackmailed the warden into releasing him and Ray. Meanwhile, Dougie was questioned about his destroyed car by police and managed to disarm Ike the hitman after he attacked him while leaving his workplace with Janey-E.

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Twin Peaks: The Return returns Sunday, July 9th at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime for Part 9.