‘Preacher’ Season 2, Episode 2 recap: ‘Mumbai Sky Tower’


Preacher Season 2, Episode 2 Recap: “Mumbai Sky Tower”

The Preacher Season 2 premiere showed that the second season of the popular AMC TV show is going to be very different than the first season. While the moral questions are still there, the first episode had a huge car chase with a popular classic pop song and The Saint of Killers firing off giant cannon shots with his pistols. That is exactly where we start this week as The Saint of Killers has his guns focused on Jesse and Genesis can’t stop him.

This episode pretty much opens up where the first episode ended. The Saint of Killers is standing there with his guns on Jesse and Genesis won’t stop him. While the comics showed that Jesse could stop The Saint of Killers with Genesis, they changed that on the TV show. They also changed the fact that the Saint never misses. His first shot misses when a truck veers in the way and that brings out all the people from The Greater Association of Gun Aficionados convention with their guns on hand to watch the truck smash the Saint into a wall.

Jesse realizes he is in trouble when The Saint of Killer moves the truck and steps forward. Jesse tells them to stop The Saint of Killers and they all open fire and hit him with dozens of shots. The Saint of Killers just stands there as all the bullets fall to the ground. One woman has a bazooka and just blasts him. When that doesn’t stop him, Jesse tells them to run but The Saint of Killers just mows them all down, killing them all as Jesse and Cassidy runs to find Tulip.

Tulip is sitting in the motel room and is watching TV and not moving. That is when Jesse and Tulip finally see that their entire hometown of Annville was blown up and everyone is dead. Angry that God would run away and hide while things like this happen anger Jesse and makes him more convinced to find God and make Him answer his questions. Before The Saint of Killers can get them, Jesse and friends escape.

This episode of Preacher then takes a small break. Fiore is back from Hell, alone since The Saint of Killers murdered his close friend and partner. There is then a sad montage of Fiore deciding he wants to die and trying to kill himself. As with all angels, he just returns every time. Fiore tries to kill himself over and over again and finally, when he does it in front of a crowd listening to a lounge singer and returns in front of them, he gets a standing ovation. Fiore becomes The Amazing Ganesh, a performer who dies at every show only to return from the dead.

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Cassidy sees a commercial for The Amazing Ganesh on TV and tells Jesse that he might have answers on how to stop The Saint of Killers. They head to the casino-hotel that Fiore works at and Cassidy volunteers to get him to give up the information using his own techniques. Those involve cooking up heroin and introducing Fiore to drug abuse in an attempt to get him to help them.

Meanwhile, Jesse and Tulip are drinking in the bar and decide to get married. Jesse said that they have lost their families but still have each other and should get married to start their own family. She agrees but something gets in the way.

While Tulip is walking out of the bar, she sees a familiar face and goes to her room. That man, Gary, follows her there and it turns out that Tulip has been on the run from someone in Louisiana named Viktor. Gary tells Tulip she needs to call him and when she refuses, Gary said he will call him. Tulip smacks the phone out of his hand and Gary grabs her by the neck. The two fight for control, with Gary much bigger, but Tulip is finally able to get a good shot and finally beats Gary to death. Cassidy shows up and she tells him to get rid of the body.

Finally, Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip sit down with Fiore, who seems willing to help them. Fiore seems shocked that God disappeared and understands that Jesse wants to find him. Fiore tells them that, since he hired The Saint of Killers, he is the only person who can call him off. He agrees to it but then balks when Jesse said that he still believes it is his fate to use Genesis. Fiore looks sad when Cassidy leaves but says he will do what he can.

Fiore then reveals to Jesse that the reason The Saint of Killers always finds them is that he can hear Genesis every time Jesse uses it. To get The Saint of Killers to the casino, Jesse has to use Genesis so he tells Fiore to “find peace.” Jesse then says they are going to New Orleans, the home of jazz music, to find God and they leave.

This will be huge because the guy who scares Tulip, Viktor, lives in Louisiana – and from her reaction, he might be in New Orleans.

Telling Fiore to “find peace” was a mistake. Fiore told Cassidy earlier in the episode that he hated it on Earth and missed his friend dearly. He also admitted to having no idea where angels go when they die, which means they don’t end up in any part of Heaven he ever saw. However, he misses his friend and hates Earth so much that he is willing to find out.

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When The Saint of Killers shows up, Fiore tells him that Jesse has to die because he won’t stop using Genesis. Fiore betrays Cassidy and Jesse and tells The Saint of Killers that they are going to New Orleans. Fiore then says he has one more job for The Saint of Killers. At his lounge act that night, Fiore stands on the stage and The Saint of Killers shoots him, finally ending his pain for good.