‘Preacher’ Season 2 premiere recap: ‘On the Road’


Preacher Season 2, Episode 1 Recap: “On the Road”

When the first season of the hit AMC series Preacher ended, preacher Jesse Custer learned that God has disappeared and no one in Heaven knew where he went. As Jesse, his tough-as-nails girlfriend Tulip, and the vampire Cassidy set out to find God, not knowing that Jesse’s entire town of Annville exploded after they left, killing everyone there. They also didn’t know that a being known as The Saints of Killers was hunting them down with direct orders to kill Jesse Custer and Genesis, the creature living inside the preacher.

The Preacher Season 2 premiere started with Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip cruising along in their car heading out to find God. After an entire first season that set up who these characters are, this first episode of season two had the three of them sharing banter like old friends and it created a very fun opening scene. Cassidy spent a lot of time explaining to Jesse and Tulip how he believes that baby’s circumcised foreskins were used for women’s face cream, which allowed the show to start off nice and smooth until the police closed in.

Tulip was driving and she was cruising along at a nice 97 mph, which caused the police to try to pull them over. At Jesse’s recommendation, they decided it would be fun to have a car chase instead, which was carried out using the song “Come on Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners. This was another funny moment as they all admitted they hated the song when it started but were all singing along with during the chase, which was visually displayed using a grainy exploitation-style, grainy screen filter.

What resulted was an incredibly fun opening for the second season of Preacher.

Of course, the car chase failed and the police surrounded them, preparing to arrest all three of them. While they were causing Cassidy to catch fire by forcing him out into the sun, Jesse and Tulip were arguing about whether Jesse should use Genesis or if they should make it fair and fight their way out. Jesse chose to use Genesis, forcing the lead officer to spray his balls with pepper spray, two others to hold hands, another to fill up their tank with gas, and a final one to sing “The Yellow Rose of Texas.”

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For fans of the comics, what happened next was straight out of the comics. Just when Jesse had the police under control, The Saint of Killers showed up and started killing everyone. In an interesting stylistic move, instead of just having him kill people, the bullets from his guns were like small missiles that blew holes in cars and exploded men’s heads. It was a massacre. Unlike the comics, where Jesse used Genesis to stop The Saint of Killers, on the Preacher TV show, they ran.

After this, Jesse and company stopped at a gas station, loaded up on snacks, and left. While there, though, Jesse used Genesis to make the store clerk forget they were there. The Saint of Killers somehow tracked them there and ripped out the clerk’s tongue when he couldn’t tell him anything due to Genesis’ influence.

The first stop for Jesse was to see an old friend, a preacher and religious scholar named Mike (Glenn Morshower). Preacher slightly lost me a bit here as Mike kept a girl locked in a cage in his garage and Jesse told Tulip and Cassidy to just ignore it. Well, it turns out this is how Mike breaks his congregation from sinning – by locking them in a cage until they choose to stop. The girl in the cage’s sin was Internet addiction (and more specifically an addiction to posting on Instagram).

Well, in a little bit too convenient of a moment, Mike was able to give them a hint on someone who might have seen God – a woman who owns a strip club named Tammy (Jeanette O’Connor). It is a little too convenient that the first place Jesse and his friends stop is able to give them a clue but it does keep the show moving along quickly. There was also a great shot in this scene where Cassidy asked Jesse about his mother’s family and the camera showed a small coffin at the bottom of a fish tank – something fans of the comic book can easily recognize as foreshadowing.

Check out the video below for a sneak peak at Preacher Season 2, Episode 2, “I Said Stop.”

As Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy head out to talk to Tammy, The Saint of Killers showed up at Mike’s and Mike kills himself before the Saint of Killers can force information out of him.

Once at the strip club, Cassidy goes to get a lap dance while Jesse talked to Tammy in her office. This scene was hilarious because, as Tammy was refusing to help Jesse, a video monitor behind them showed Cassidy getting into a fight with a bouncer for touching a stripper and that continued on through the scene – something that really deserves a second watch to just focus on the Cassidy fight. That ended with the bouncer accidentally shooting his gun and Tammy getting hit by the bullet as it passed through the wall. Before Jesse leaves, Tammy tells him that God was there and He came not for a woman – but for the jazz music.

The episode ended with Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy checking into a hotel that also happens to be holding a convention for gun lovers. That might come in handy because, as Jesse was outside smoking at the end, The Saint of Killers was walking straight towards him. When Jesse tried to use Genesis to stop him, the Preacher TV show makes a huge change from the comics.

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Genesis has no control over The Saint of Killers, who raises his gun and points it at Jesse.