Twin Peaks Recap: “The Return Part Nine”


After the two-week break, Twin Peaks airs again with “The Return Part Nine,” that sees some major movement on the Major Briggs mystery.

Both Agent Cole and the Sheriff’s department make long strides as they begin to piece the puzzle together along with finding the good Cooper. Considering the last episode was so incredibly interesting, this week brings Twin Peaks back down to Earth by moving most of the storylines along.

Evil Coop rolls into an abandoned village where two of his more loyal lackeys are waiting patiently to clean him up. While he addresses them with his usual amount of apathy, they do provide clean clothes, car, and cell phones for their boss. Not to mention, the two agree to murder the Warden for him which makes them worthy of holding onto.

“The Return Part Nine,” also reveals that Evil Coop is completely aware of his Dougie Jones counterpart. In fact, he was the one who had the casino hire “Ike the Spike” to murder his hapless other half until that attempt was thwarted. While he can’t be sure that it’s the actual (albeit slower) Cooper in there, it does add a new level of pressure for Dougie to finally wake up.

Over at the police station, Dougie and Janey are waiting to be interrogated by the three sibling detectives. While the three seem pretty inept at their jobs, one does manage to trick poor Dougie into giving up his fingerprints and DNA. With the mug on its way to processing, it’s only a matter of time before Gordon and Albert make their way to Las Vegas looking for the second Agent Cooper.

For now, Gordon has more serious problems to deal with once he learns that Evil Coop has escaped from prison. Not only that, they are officially looped into a murder investigation in South Dakota upon the discovery the Major Briggs’ body is there. As Albert points out once he sees the body is that this man is in his forties, however, Briggs should be in his seventies if he was still alive. Of course, this unusual turn of events isn’t enough to throw the group off the trail and Tammy gets slightly more to do with the investigation.

“The Return Part Nine” brings back Matthew Lillard’s cowering school teacher who has been accused of murder Briggs and his lover. While he maintains his innocence (through pitiful and incessant sobbing), he can confirm that he crossed over to another dimension with his girlfriend where they talked to Major Briggs. Tammy gets him to identify Briggs as well as learn that the Major was in hiding but only mentioned “Cooper” before he disappeared.

Briggs left more clues behind knowing that his son would eventually find them. Bobby Briggs takes his first steps into a leadership role in “The Return Part Nine” when he joins the Twin Peaks detective team on the hunt for Cooper. When the group speaks with Bobby’s mother, she admits that Garland had predicted this very moment and had only asked she give them a metal rod hidden in his chair.

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Of course, the rod puzzles everyone but Bobby who gleefully opens it to reveal a secret message. The three learn that they’re expected to find “Jack Rabbit’s Palace” or his and Bobby’s secret hiding place during the latter’s childhood in two days.

It’s pretty great to see how much Bobby has changed his life around and if anyone deserves to mature into a leader than it’s the once troubled youth with good intentions.

“The Return Part Nine,” finishes with a couple of young adults who are on a path of self-destruction. They’re two junkies who can’t hold down a job but also can’t even remember if they had gone into work high.

One of them has a disgusting rash spreading through her arm which will most likely have some meaning but for now, works to up the ick factor.

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Hopefully, next week’s episode continues on the momentum built-in “The Return Part Nine,” because the Dougie storyline has lost a lot of steam over these past few weeks and definitely needs something fresh to keep it going. Hit the comments below with your thoughts on the episode!