Game of Thrones Dead Pool: Who’s most likely to die on “Stormborn?”

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1. The Sand Snakes 90%

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For many of the same reasons Ellaria is in danger, the Sand Snakes are perhaps even in more danger. It might not seem like an advantage, but not actually swinging the sword in Myrcella’s murder might be the downfall of one or all of the Sand Snakes. Euron gains only bonus points by bringing any of the Sand Snakes back to King’s Landing alive. Bringing Ellaria back alive ensures Euron passes the test, the Sand Snakes would just be extra credit.

Should Euron attack the Sand Snakes this week as they leave Dragonstone, not only are they in more peril than Ellaria because of their lack of value to Cersei but also because unlike Ellaria, the Sand Snakes are warriors. Where as Ellaria might hang back during any attack at sea, the Sand Snakes would likely charge head on into in engagement. Call us crazy, but we aren’t charging right at Euron Greyjoy unless our names are Wun Wun or the Mountain.

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Placing themselves in danger, and their lack of value lands the Sand Snakes at the top of our Dead Pool. It’s not an honor you would typically want, but we doubt anyone will mourn the passing of some of the worst characters on Game Of Thrones. Heck, it might even make homicidal maniac Euron Greyjoy a hero.