Game of Thrones Season 7: Littlefinger is about to make his move, but is it too late?


Littlefinger has been waiting for an opportunity to maneuver his way into a power position inside Winterfell. Now that Jon has left and Sansa is in charge, expect him to make his move quickly.

Sansa is about to have more power and responsibility than she’s ever had. Now that her brother, Jon “King in da Norf” Snow has taken off for Dragonstone to meet with Aunt Dany, Sansa has been left in charge of Winterfell, and all the bannermen and soldiers camped out around Winterfell.

We’re two episodes into this season, and both episodes have featured moments where Jon and Sansa argue about what the best course of action would be with new business, from disloyal families to Targaryen invaders.

My personal opinion has been from the beginning that Sansa still hasn’t realized the bigger picture, and neither have many of the other Lords there in Winterfell. Littlefinger has watched his new love interest disagree with Jon and has seen some of the other leaders speak up and disagree with Jon as well. He can sense the tension in the air and will use it to his advantage.

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Sansa’s disagreements with Jon stem from their non-shared background. Sansa has been used by other houses as a trophy. She’s been married off, attacked, and worse. Sansa is beautiful and has long been an object of desire that her family, and others, have used to their advantage.

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It’s easy to see why she does have respect for Cersei, someone else who was forced into a marriage, and treated poorly, that has carved out a place of power in the world. Westeros isn’t kind to women, and Cersei found a way to turn that mistreatment into a weapon (Just like her brother, Tyrion).

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Jon has had the polar opposite treatment his entire life. He is a bastard, and he has been treated as such. He’s fought, killed, died, and come back. His experiences have made him a compassionate, understanding person…who also will kill the crap out of someone. It’s not hard to see the appeal of making him king.

Jon and Sansa’s different experiences started at the moment they left Winterfell. Before that, they were raised by Ned Stark, and I think that will make all the difference when it comes to dealing with Littlefinger. Ned always preached family over everything. We, as viewers, know just how far Ned was willing to go to protect his family by taking in Jon.

Sansa is going to have an opportunity to make a Cersei move very soon. Littlefinger is going to give her an opportunity to achieve great power. Will she choose to side with Littlefinger for a chance to take over, or will she reject his (creepy) advances, and end his off-putting, slinking schemes once and for all.

I think it will be the latter. Littlefinger has hedged his bet on a Stark making a decision to gain power at the cost of their family. Not even Sansa would do that. She was raised better, and she’s seen the worst that Westeros has to offer. And that, as they say, will be that for Petyr Baelish.