Twin Peaks Recap: “The Return Part 11”


Twin Peaks spends a lot of “The Return Part 11” focusing on the small town and the investigation.

This week answers a lot of lingering questions around the fate of Shelly and Bobby while diving deeper into the mystery of the dirt covered homeless spirits who seem to loyal to BOB. After last week’s episode, the series does pick up the pace as Twin Peaks begins to tie storylines together in this back half of the season.

Shelly’s daughter is back with a vengeance when she realizes that her abusive husband has been cheating on her rather than looking for work. While Shelly meekly cooperated with Leo’s abuse, Becky is looking for revenge and steals her mother’s car with murder on her mind. With no one else to turn to, Shelly ends up calling Bobby for help who immediately jumps to action. From a family dinner at the Double R, “The Return Part 11” finally establishes that Bobby is Becky’s father but his relationship with Shelly, unfortunately, didn’t work out.

Hopefully, Becky has some sense knocked into her and she’ll finally leave her deadbeat husband in favor of staying with one of her parents. Considering it seems like Shelly left Bobby (by his forlorn stare) to go after a different bad boy which is incredibly disappointing but hopefully, the two will reunite before the revival.

Sheriff Truman is about to get a whole lot more on his plate than he bargained for. While his appearance with Hawk is brief this week, it sets up for a very anticipatory journey for the rest of the season. Hawk sets up an old map which shows that the location the three deputies will be traveling to will be a place where death meets fire.

The ominous setting isn’t helped when the log lady rings to give Hawk a warning to stay away since her log is afraid of fire. “The Return Part 11” also sets up the return of Miriam Sullivan, who managed to drag herself away from her trailer before it lit up into flames. Considering her ability to testify against Richard for the murder of a young boy and his attempt to silence her, it smells like the young offender will be in for some serious trouble.

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Outside of Twin Peaks, Gordon and Albert arrive on the scene where Major Briggs was last seen with Tammy, Diane, Detective Macklay, and William Hastings. The scene originally gives everyone the creeps with Gordon, Albert, and Hastings immediately spotting one of the dirt covered spirits lurking behind a building. When he disappears the two detectives take the opportunity to walk onto the abandoned property to further investigate.

Electricity buzzes, as Gordon seems to be sucked into a vortex in the sky where he sees a room full of the homeless men before Albert grabs him to prevent him from totally slipping away. During this time, Diane finally spots one of the spirits creeping up to the car, which she initially writes off until Hastings is murdered via head crushing. While “The Return Part 11,” doesn’t have the entire group immediately jumping to supernatural, but they’re definitely looking into the possibility. Before Albert can read the coordinates he got off of a dead lady’s arms, the group is interrupted by coffee but it seems likely that it either leads them to the town of Twin Peaks or right over to Dougie Jones’.

Speaking of Dougie, not much progress is made in his storyline. It’s tough to be invested in the painstakingly slow burn of Dougie’s plot without wishing something more substantial would happen. At the very least, he’s cleared of wrongdoing by the Mitchum brothers who dreamt he would bring them a cherry pie which he did.

On top of that, he delivers their insurance money which cements his innocence in their eyes. Unfortunately, cherry pie and piano music are not enough to finally pull Coop out of his Dougie Jones persona but hopefully next week!

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“The Return Part 11,” succeeds this week by giving the audience some answers regarding fan favorites Shelly and Bobby while still continuing on the hunt to bring Cooper home. Dougie’s storyline might be beginning to drag down episodes but it feels like it will be coming to a conclusion soon. With only six episodes left, Cooper needs to be restored before he squares off with BOB again to see who gets sucked back into the Lodge.

Hit the comments below with your thoughts on the episode and tune in next week for “The Return Part 12.”