5 WTF Moments From Game of Thrones 7×03 ‘The Queen’s Justice’

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4. WTF Bran

Bran Stark arrived home in this episode and totally freaked out Sansa while he was trying to explain the being the three-eyed raven is.

Out of all memories, Bran could have pulled to show Sansa he’s telling the truth being able to see everything, he chose to tell her how pretty she looked on her wedding night at Winterfell to Ramsay before she was brutally raped.

Sansa, of course, now knows that Bran is telling the truth, but we have to wonder just how far gone Bran is that he thought it would be okay to just casually bring up Sansa’s rape without batting an eye.

If Bran keeps this up, he’ll probably be able to scare off the Night’s King all by himself.

5. Olenna’s Badass Exit

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We all knew there was no way the Queen of Thorns was going to survive when Jaime pulls a Robb Stark and attacks Highgarden instead of defending Casterly Rock, but we don’t think anyone was expecting Olenna to dish out such harsh burns to poor Jaime, who just can’t seem to get a break this season.

After warning him about Cersei, “She’s a monster, you know that,” she says. “You poor fool. She’ll be the end of you.” Jaime then pours a vial poison into her wine (Cersei wanted her death to be a bit more graphic) and tells her that he made sure that her death won’t be painless.

Bless poor Jaime, the guy is stuck in a bad situation and even when he tries to give Olenna a painless death she snaps back at him that she killed his son Joffrey, which gets him quite mad as he storms out of the room.

That’s +2 for Olenna, and like -5 for Jamie at this point. Too bad she’s gone, because we’ll certainly miss her.

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