‘Preacher’ Season 2, Episode 6 recap: ‘Sokosha’

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Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, Graham McTavish as The Saint of Killers – Preacher _ Season 2, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Jesse vs. The Saint of Killers

That leads to the most surprising event in Sokosha. There are a lot of bad guys for Jesse Custer to face on this show, including Gramma and Herr Starr. However, the way this episode dealt with The Saint of Killers was quite shocking. While Jesse was looking for a soul, The Saint of Killers told him to leave Tulip, Cassidy, and Dennis behind and they would all die if he didn’t find it in one hour.

When Jesse realized his family’s contacts had no souls to sell, he saw the armored truck for Soul Happy Go Go. Jesse used his Voice on a cop to get the armored truck open and then used it again to force them to race to Dennis’. However, the problem was that not one of the souls in the armored truck matched The Saint of Killers (it is like blood – you have to have a match). However, Jesse took the chance and realized that his soul matched that of The Saint of Killers.

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Jesse got back right before The Saint of Killers brought his blade down on Tulip (but after slicing off Cassidy’s fingers as he tried to save her). That is when Jesse busted in and said he had the soul. He was able to save Tulip, Cassidy, and Dennis (who we learned in this episode was Cassidy’s SON). Jesse then gave the pill to The Saint of Killers and he realized that he now had a soul.

When he told Jesse to kill him and send him to Heaven, Jesse refused. He was then extremely harsh, telling The Saint of Killers that he didn’t deserve to go to Heaven because he was a child killing murderer. He said he would send The Saint of Killers to Hell and The Saint mocked him and said he would be sending part of his own soul to Hell as well. That is when Jesse used The Voice on The Saint of Killers – and it worked because he now has a soul.

Jesse ordered The Saint of Killers to disarm and then drove him in the armored truck to the swamps of Louisiana and drove him into a swamp, watching the truck sink with the waterproof lining keeping The Saint of Killers alive but buried under water. It was a complete shock to see The Saint of Killers dealt with and put out of the way for now, while it also fixed the one problem that Jesse had because he now can order The Saint of Killers to stop in case he does escape down the line.

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The show ends with Jesse burying The Saint of Killers weapons in Dennis’ bathroom (not the best thing for Dennis in the future) and then looking at himself in the mirror. Jesse Custer beat The Saint of Killers but it cost him part of his soul.