‘Preacher’ Season 2, Episode 7 recap: ‘Pig’


One week after Jesse Custer eliminated The Saint of Killers, everyone has to face the consequences.

Last week on Preacher, Jesse Custer and The Saint of Killers faced off and Jesse was able to eliminate The Saint of Killers. However, the cost of the victory was a part of Jesse’s soul. This week on Preacher, the show takes a slight break while introducing the next antagonist and the greatest villain in the comic book’s history. Here is a look at Preacher, Season 2, Episode 7, Pig.

Tulip is having nightmares

Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy have visited every jazz club in New Orleans and they are no closer to finding God than they were when they arrived. Dejected, Jesse finally gives in to Cassidy’s idea to have some fun. Last week on Preacher, Cassidy mentioned places in New Orleans where a person could go and get paid money to get shot in the chest while wearing body armor. The three went to the club and it turns out that the idea is that a person will win money if they can get up after a 10 count once shot.

Seeing as this is Jesse and Tulip, the entire thing turns into a con just to help them get their kicks. Tulip and Cassidy show up and pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend. She says that she wants them to shoot Cassidy and thinks he can get up to win money. That is when Jesse shows up as a preacher and tells everyone that they are living in sin. When Tulip questions their manhood, they agree to use the biggest gun they have and then they shoot, and kill, Cassidy.

Ruth Negga as Tulip O’Hare, Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer – Preacher _ Season 2, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

When Jesse tells them to call the police, they all run and Tulip and Jesse help up Cassidy and then steal all the money. After that, they sit around and drink free beer in the now empty club. It is at this time that we see something is wrong with Tulip. Jesse wants to go back to Dennis’ and sleep but Tulip doesn’t want to.

That is because Tulip is having nightmares. When The Saint of Killers lifted her by the throat last week, it left an impression on her. She is now having constant nightmares about The Saint of Killers and tells Jesse that something feels wrong. See, Jesse lied to Tulip. Not only did he not tell her that it was his soul that he gave The Saint of Killers but he made it sound like he sent him to Hell instead of just to the bottom of a swamp.

Something is haunting Tulip and she ends up at the end of the episode telling the guys at the gun club what she did so that they will shoot her (with the armor on) and the pain is able to finally allow her to find some peace.

Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy, Ronald Guttman as Denis – Preacher _ Season 2, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

A short detour for Cassidy

As we learned last week, Dennis is not an old friend of Cassidy – it is his son. Thanks to a French professor who just so happens to be at the gun club after Jesse and Tulip leaves, Cassidy finally learns what Dennis has been telling him. Dennis has heart disease and is dying. He said that Cassidy was a horrible father but has a request. He wants Cassidy to make him immortal by turning him into a vampire as well. When Cassidy refuses, Dennis says he will die hating his father and Cassidy said that everyone does.

There was then a moment at the end where Cassidy passed out in the streets. Two buggies dive through downtown New Orleans picking up people – one for those drunk and passed out and one for those dead. Cassidy was assumed dead and taken to the morgue (“not again,” Cassidy moaned). When a nurse frees Cassidy, he passes a room where two people are crying over a dead man. When the nurse said she would rather be the people mourning than the dead man, Cassidy realizes he has a choice to make.

Jesse looks for the truth

After learning of Tulip’s nightmares and dismissing them, Jesse heads out to find a man who was standing on the street corners talking about the end coming. It turns out the man is simply an alcoholic who does this to make money for alcohol and car payments. However, he and Jesse share a conversation about Armageddon. Jesse asks the man what he should tell a parishioner who wants to sell their soul and the man said that people selling their souls are a sign Armageddon is coming.

Pip Torrens as Herr Starr, Blake Cooper Griffin as Jimmy – Preacher _ Season 2, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Herr Starr

All that was pretty much just a way to give fans a breather after last week’s battle with The Saint of Killers. However, this week also finally introduced the main antagonist of the entire Preacher series – Herr Starr.

It starts off at the beginning of the episode in present day Vietnam. A couple has a fat pig and then begins to scream when they see that the pig starts floating above the Earth. People from all over come to see the miracle, many bowing before it. That is when Herr Starr shows up and realizes that this is a very bad thing.

The episode then shows the entire backstory of Herr Starr. Much like the comics, he was chosen because he shared the same beliefs as The Grail. He is forced to go through a series of tests against many more fit men to try to earn a spot. When a drill sergeant beats many recruits down, Herr Starr distracts him by masturbating while in a choke hold and when the man lets go of him, Herr Starr kicks him in the nuts and then beats him down with a stick.

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When he is asked to seduce a woman to get information, he simply tells her to give it to him or he will kill her and every member of her family. He even looks happy while being electrocuted in a chair. When it comes to the last two, they are taken to a gun range. The other man puts numerous bullets in the head of the target and tells Starr “good luck.” Herr Starr then raises his gun and kills the other man, winning the job with The Grail.

That is when Preacher reveals the big twist in the comic books. Before Jesus died on the cross, he had a child. The Grail took and protected the child and have been protecting the lineage of Christ and plan to unveil the new Messiah when Armageddon comes. Herr Starr is to be head of the branch of The Grail that kills all other possible Messiahs and eliminate anything else that people could worship. He accepts the role and then kills the man who offers him the job by pushing him off the balcony.

That brings up back to present day. Herr Starr deals with the floating pig and everyone who was worshipping it by poisoning the water and killing everyone there. Jesse Custer actually watches a news report where a scientist explains that the floating pig was also caused by a poisoned water supply, showing how The Grail is able to affect the news reporting in their favor.

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The episode then ends with Herr Starr telling someone on the phone that the pig situation has been taken care of. He then learns that there is a new target – one in New Orleans – a preacher named Jesse Custer. Herr Starr says he is on his way.