Game of Thrones 705, “Eastwatch”: Will this long-lost character return?


Game of Thrones season 7 has been jam-packed with reunions and high-intensity action, so will “Eastwatch” have the return of a fan-favorite long-lost character? Let’s find out.

When Game of Thrones episode 705, “Eastwatch” airs on Sunday night, many fans will be on the look out for a certain bastard last seen rowing a boat. That’s right, this may be the episode when Gendry makes his glorious return to Game of Thrones.

The last time we saw Gendry (portrayed by Joe Dempsie), he was cautiously rowing a boat away from Dragonstone and Melisandre who wanted to burn him as a sacrifice to her god — R’hllor. You see, Gendry is a bastard with king’s blood flowing through his veins. He is the only surviving bastard of King Robert Baratheon (the rest were slaughtered by command of King Joffrey Baratheon).

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Davos Seaworth didn’t want Gendry to die, so he freed him and put him in a rowboat and told him to row to King’s Landing.

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So why do we think Gendry will return on Game of Thrones season 7? Well, Dempsie was seen on set filming various scenes with one, in particular, being with both Davos Seaworth (Liam Cunningham) and Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage). There also another very important clue.

Joe Dempsie appeared on the IMDb page for “Eastwatch,” but was quickly removed by someone most likely connected with HBO. While that doesn’t necessarily confirm Dempsie’s return to the show, Winter is Coming spotted the actor as he walked the Red Carpet Premiere of season 7.

Does all this evidence point to Gendry the Bastard of House Baratheon making his triumphant return to Game of Thrones? Well, if he did, he would be the only living Baratheon. When Brienne executed Stannis Baratheon in season 5, she ended the Baratheon line…but Gendry, if somehow legitimized by, oh say, a Queen (wink-wink Daenerys Targaryen), could be legitimized and House Baratheon would be alive once more.

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