Game of Thrones Dead Pool: Who’s most likely to die on “Eastwatch”?

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2. Dickon Tarly 75%

Last week’s Loot Train Attack was a breathtaking sight to behold, as Lannister forces were burnt to ash and left to scatter to the winds of Drogon’s beating wings.

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It was as brutal a battle as we’ve seen on Game of Thrones, and Dickon Tarly was right in the middle of it. After saving Jaime Lannister from a duel arakh wielding Dothraki (say that five times fast), Dickon went missing. In a battle that involves a dragon, disappearing can mean very bad things.

Also consider, that even if Dickon survive the battle, the preview for “Eastwatch” shows Daenerys rounding up the survivors and ordering them to bend the knee. In typical Dany fashion though, its bend the knee or die. That hardly seems destined to inspire long term loyalty, but in Dickon’s  case, it’s not the long term we are worried about. Should Dickon choose not to bend the knee, Randyll’s heir could find himself barbecued on the spot.

Trust us, we’d like to be wrong on this one. Despite his name, Dickon does not seem to have inherited the loathsome personality of his father. Dickon’s honest conversation with Jaime and Bronn was rather enjoyable, and we are pulling for him. It just doesn’t look good. Maybe Dany is feeling charitable.