“Riverdale” Teases A Dark Season 2 With New Trailer


Last season the CW’s Riverdale was one of the best surprises of the midseason despite a lot of apprehension around the premise.

Now the Archie Comics adaptation is promising a lot more darkness in Season 2 despite the conclusion of the murder mystery. While Jason Blossom can finally rest in peace, it seems like Archie Andrews is about to spiral down a path he can’t come back from.

Last season, Riverdale finished with Fred Andrews getting caught in the crossfire between a robbery at Pop’s and protecting his son. It was the tipping point of the darkness that had been seeping into the small town, and it seems to be spurring the typically good-hearted Archie into some misguided but fearful action. Teased at SDCC as well, this trailer cements the fact that the kids into this town no longer feel safe due to the actions of the adults around them. At first, Archie is admitting to his friends that he fears the gunman will come back for him, then he’s arming himself with a baseball bat until finally he’s graduated to a gun himself. Is the red-headed jock planning to take justice into his own hands next season?

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It can’t be good news for his sweetheart, Veronica, who will be dealing with her own set of problems next season on Riverdale. The return of her father, Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos), immediately makes him the lead suspect in the attack on Fred which could throw a wrench in her relationship with both men. While the trailer focuses mainly on Archie, a quick scene between the couple promises a very steamy shower sequence that is sure to fuel the “Varchie” ship.

No scenes between the fan-favorite couple, Bughead, but both characters are seen briefly in the short clip above. Jughead is seen looking terrified (and without his beanie!) in the clip and a courtroom where he is presumably watching his father stand trial. Meanwhile, Betty’s signature ponytail can also be seen in the courtroom and angrily confronting her mother in the kitchen. Careful viewers will note that she’s wearing a Pop’s Diner waitress uniform and that the headline on the newspaper she slams down on the counter reads “Death Diner.” Looks like both the Coopers and the Jones’ will be dealing with their own drama next season on Riverdale.

A breakout hit last year, The CW upped the series to a twenty-two episode season order after only giving it thirteen in its freshman run. Riverdale will return on October 11 this year and is bound to get even more fans after its boost in viewership from Netflix.