The Defenders Recap: “Worst Behavior”


After two episodes of reintroducing characters and setting up the main storyline, The Defenders finally gets their main team to assemble in “Worst Behavior”.

However, the episode saves the best for last and spends most of the time with the characters separated. But, “Worst Behavior,” finally sheds some light on Elektra’s resurrection and why she is assisting The Hand rather than fighting alongside Matt against her sworn enemy.

The opening to “Worst Behavior,” spends all its time showing Elektra’s transformation. She is the suspected to be the vessel for, “Black Sky,” an assassin which is destined to lead The Hand and very similar to the comic book character, “The Beast of The Hand”. Alexandra is quick to show her affection once she awakens from death and be the only source of “friendship,” the Black Sky has. As the assassin, she has lost all of her memories but retains her training which shows through a series of montages where she fights increasingly dangerous opponents.

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While Alexandra’s search for “the substance” which would save her is motivated by a desire to live over an evil nature, it doesn’t stop her from enjoying the pain she inflicts on Stick. The Hand may have killed all the other members of The Chaste, they did manage to drag the old man back as their hostage where he could be interrogated.

She has Elektra threaten him with swords, where the old man can only let his disappointment for his surrogate daughter’s current situation linger for a moment for springing into action. Easily fighting off the two women, he cuts his own hand off before fleeing into the night in search of Danny Rand.

Now that flashbacks are out-of-the-way, “Worst Behavior,” jumps back to Jessica’s current problem where she sits in an interrogation room with Matt. He attempts to get her to open up about the Raymond case but ultimately ends up trying to follow her for information. It’s a fun sequence, especially seeing how quickly it takes Jessica to realize that falling in line with other people prevents whoever is following her from distinguishing her footsteps.

Matt quickly tries to get away from the situation realizing that he’s been discovered but it leads to the private eye actually snapping some pictures of her seemingly blind lawyer in action.

While those two seem to be well on their way for a snarky but budding friendship, Luke and Danny are from their best friends relationship they’re famous for in the comics. However, “Worst Behavior,” manages to confront a lot of the problems with Danny Rand’s characterization as well as spur him into a different kind of action.

Luke criticizes the young billionaire for attacking a boy just trying to make enough money to support his family and choosing to use excessive force on the grunts of The Hand’s operation rather than trying another way. His statement to Danny is powerful and clear, “You may think you earned your strength, but you had power the day you were born. Before the dragons, before the chi, you had the ability to change the world without getting anybody hurt”.

It’s enough to have Danny rethinking his entire approach to dealing with The Hand and to have him try to go through Rand Enterprises to get the information he needs.

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Donning a suit and tie in “Worst Behavior”, Danny makes his way to Midland Circle so he can confront the CEO’s of villainous organization in hopes of surprising them. Midway through his speech about achieving vengeance, Alexandra walks in and treats him like a young child throwing a temper tantrum. She has no reason to fear him, and instead has the full force of her power to try to take him alive. While Iron Fist is still the weak link in The Defenders, it’s worth noting that there have been HUGE improvements made to his fight scenes and his characterizations.

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What Alexandra doesn’t expect are the three other heroes who have all made their way to her corrupt building in an attempt to finally get some answers. Luke blasts through first for a fun exchange between the two soon-to-be-best friends before Jessica and Matt make their way to the penthouse. Without any time to swap pleasantries, the four finds themselves in a fight to escape the building while Daredevil finally comes face to face with Elektra.

The hallway fight scene has been hotly anticipated since the first trailer and it’s just as awesome as expected. “Worst Behavior,” utilizes each of the four’s strengths in combat with Danny and Matt using their skills along with Luke and Jessica using their power. Daredevil almost finds himself on the receiving end of Elektra’s sword, despite her hesitation, but Danny is able to get to her first.

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However, the funniest moment in the fight goes to Jessica who launches a guy off of her before casually hitting the elevator button so the group can make their escape. Now that The Defenders have officially assembled, the series can finally leave behind all of the expositions and make its way towards the action.