5 WTF Moments from Game of Thrones: Beyond The Wall

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Fire met ice in last night’s episode, and things did not go well for fire.

Even though Dany and her dragons totally destroyed the dead men, the Night King with his super arm was able to lodge a spear right into Viserion’s neck (or fire-sack, since the dragon exploded in a blaze). The dragon’s death left everyone quite speechless and it happened so quickly Dany barely had time to process before one of her beloved children was suck quickly and quietly into the icy depths.

It was a heartbreaking scene, but not surprising since it has been theorized forever that the Night King was going to turn a dragon into an ‘other’ dragon, blue eyes and all. We’re wondering though, what the dragon is going to breathe — fire or ice? Or maybe blue fire?

5. WTF is Arya Doing

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Seriously, WTF is going on Arya? Last season you were all like “My name is Arya Stark of Winterfell and I’m going home,” which brought tears to our eyes, but now you’re going to….cut off your sister’s face?

It doesn’t make sense…or does it? Arya and Sansa could be playing a complicated and confusing game to out-finger Littlefinger (ew, gross), but really it seems like Arya is just acting like a stupid child at this point. First, she finds Littlefinger’s letter (which he totally left for her to find) and she confronts Sansa about why she betrayed the family by writing the letter and not standing up for her father or Robb.

It seems like Arya actually would rather have Sansa dead, instead. It’s all very dark, confusing and stupid. Clearly, Sansa did what she had to do to survive and Sansa was totally right when she told Arya that she wouldn’t have survived what she has gone through. Arya would have tried to kill Cersei right there and then and she wouldn’t have made it out of King’s Landing alive.

So this leaves us with the question of what the hell Arya’s motive is — does she want to rule Winterfell with Sansa’s face? Does she want Sansa to kill Littlefinger so she could wear his face? Is she just plain crazy?

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We have no idea, but it is Game of Thrones and the game is normally pretty confusing.