Game of Thrones Dead Pool: Who’s most likely to die on “The Dragon and the Wolf”?

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2. Yara Greyjoy – 75%

OK, OK, we’ve been calling for Yara’s death basically since the beginning of the season. And while she looked fairly close to meeting the Drowned God whom she worships when Euron attacked her fleet early this season, Yara survived. Taken back to King’s Landing as a captive of Euron, Yara was most likely thrown in the dungeons.

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Euron departed soon after, off to the west coast of Westeros to take out the Unsullied fleet. That, along with the lack of personal grudge with Cersei, are the main reasons Yara remains alive (to the best of our knowledge). We’ve seen from the preview for “The Dragon and the Wolf” that Euron has returned to King’s Landing though, which could be terrible news for Yara.

You might raise the point that Daenerys and Cersei appear to be working under some sort of treaty, meaning Yara would be safe from harm. The problem is, no one knows she is even alive. Euron could easily eliminate her before Dany arrives, and claim he’d done so long before the armistice was put in place without anyone being the wiser. Or Euron could claim to have done so already, and then make the claim true once Dany departs.

Either way, Euron can’t allow Yara to go free and continue to challenge his rule of the Iron Islands. We aren’t wishing for Yara’s death, but it seems a foregone conclusion.