The 35 Best Moments from Game of Thrones Season 7

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The Wall is Decimated

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Just as the episode is wrapping up, and our biggest concern is where Jamie’s going to go, we go to the Wall. Tormund is watching from high up, complaining about the height. All of the sudden, he sees a huge army of White Walkers walking past the forest beyond the wall and into view.

Well, this isn’t good.

As if a huge army of very-hard-to-kill beings isn’t bad enough…remember Viserion? They sure do. One of the White Walkers is flying Viserion to the wall, and now he doesn’t breathe fire, he breathes Ice. Like a really messed up version of Elsa. The Night Watchers see what’s coming and they try to run to get away, but the dragon is too fast and his breath of ice is too strong.

The wall is decimated completely, a wall that has stood for centuries. He blows it down to nothing, and the Army continues on. Not only is this a horrible way to end the series that we have to wait a year to see, WHERE IS EVERYONE??

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Are they all dead?? Don’t tell me we have to wait and see if Tormund actually gets Brienne!