5 WTF Moments from American Horror Story: Cult Premiere

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4. Winter’s Adventures in Babysitting

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Just when we thought that Kai’s sister Winter was normal, she turns out to be just as bad if not worse. When we were first introduced to the Hillary Clinton loving Winter she was devastated and confused about Trump’s victory just like everyone else (except for Kai). But after we see Kai and Winter play their little truth game we learn that the two opposites actually have a lot more in common than we thought and based on these questions:

"“Was there blood? And poop?” “What was the most physical pain you have experienced?”"

We can tell that these two have quite the twisted relationship brewing. Winter’s true identity is revealed when she takes a babysitting job watching Ally and Ivy’s son Oz and when it comes to kids in AHS, things tend not to go well. We aren’t sure just yet if Winter is just Kai’s puppet or if she has dark intentions of her own (Hillary losing might have really sent her off the deep end), but one of the most disturbing scenes this week was watching little Oz be exposed to the dark web, even we felt pretty dirty watching someone stab someone else repeatedly in the neck.

5. The Clowns Are Real, And They’re Everywhere

While the crux of this episode focused on whether or not the clowns in Ally nightmares are real, it turns out by the end of this episodes we find out that the clowns are very much real and very much murderous.

The cult of clowns goes after Ally and Ivy’s poor neighbors while Oz watches with the help of Winter. What makes it even more disturbing is that the police seem to cover it by bu telling Ally and Ivy that it was nothing more than a murder suicide and that they have nothing to worry about.

Yeah, right.

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 American Horror Story: Cult episode 2, “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark,” airs next Tuesday, September 12th at 10 p.m. ET on FX.