The Tick Recap: “Party Crashers”


“Party Crashers,” was bound to be one of the best episodes of The Tick from the opening scene.

Peter Serafinowicz has truly been remarkable in the role of the blue hero, but his recent monologue as he falls out a window is hilarious. His comments regarding how people tend to focus on the seriousness of a situation rather than admire how fun the experience can be is a comment on the increasing darkness overruling the superhero genre. While the series will never dive into a gritty street-level story like Batman, The Tick has proven that it can be an amusing hour of television while still tackling serious issues in modern life.

Arthur might still be fighting his superhero persona in “Party Crashers”, he has at least accepted that his costumed friend isn’t going anywhere. Offering him a place to stay, Arthur wakes up with more than he bargained for: a third roommate. It turns out that The Tick invited local homeless man (but not office-less), Tinfoil Kevin, to come shower at their place.

As much of an immediate inconvenience, it is for Arthur, nothing can get worse when the two call him out on his white lies to Dot. She’s finally taking the midterm she missed earlier in the season and doesn’t want to worry about her brother not showing up to their stepdad’s birthday party with a cake. He has zero interest in seeing his feet-loving step-father, but Arthur agrees to go to appease his sister as well as promise to keep The Tick away.

The moment he walks into his childhood home, it becomes abundantly clear why Arthur is so adamant to stay the course of normal. His mother encourages him to talk by inviting a variety of therapists rather than actually discuss his problems head-on. Her approach to avoiding anything that could be potentially emotional is most likely the reason that he grew up feeling like something was inherently wrong with him.

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Nevertheless, Arthur plays nicely in hopes of getting through the birthday party without having any kind of meltdown. Of course, “Party Crashers,” wouldn’t live up to the title unless The Tick came strolling into Arthur’s house more than happy to entertain. Everyone at the party is quickly enamored with the optimistic and joyful hero except for Dot who is growing increasingly stressed out over her brother’s friendship with a vigilante.

He isn’t the only uninvited guest in, “Party Crashers,” with Ms. Lint showing up in a particularly funny sequence to talk to Arthur. Of course, The Tick doesn’t recognize her leaving his friend in grave peril as she forces him upstairs. Lint brought the moth suit with her after realizing that it had synced to him and forced him to do it so that she could take control. Unfortunately for her, Arthur realizes that if she wants the suit back it means that The Terror really is alive somewhere so handing it over could mean the rise of his worst nightmare. He finally learns how to fly and busts out of his home (after covering Ms. Lint in actual lint) and escape both her as well as Ramses in a terrific cliffhanger.

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In an episode that solidifies The Tick as one of the best shows of the summer, “Party Crashers,” is a fun-filled hour. The series continues to juggle the never-ending joy from its blue costumed hero with Arthur’s more realistic anxiety in a way that is comedic gold. After four episodes, it’s a great payoff to finally see Arthur embrace his new life as a superhero even if it’s bound to have a few bumps in the road.