Outlander returns to its roots with episode 303, “All Debts Paid”


Outlander season 3 has been a bit of a slow burn through the first two episodes, but episode 303, “All Debts Paid,” set the show on the right track.

Outlander is one of those beautifully told stories, that, if not closely followed, can lead a casual fan astray. Season 3, for all intents and purposes has been just that for this casual fan. While the idea of Claire giving birth to, and raising her daughter in 1900’s Boston might have seemed like a good idea on paper, it was actually a boring storyline that left me apathetic toward everyone and everything in that time period.

Jamie’s story was nearly as bad, with the Battle of Culloden being shown through an artistic approach, rather than the chaos and hell of war. When Jamie finally came out of his shell in episode 2, his storyline became vastly better.

This leads us into episode 303, “All Debts Paid,” where Jamie finds himself, once again, in the confines of a British prison. This time, however, his reputation as the Jacobite leader Red Jamie has afforded him respect among his own men, as well as the British officers in charge.

Meanwhile, in the 1940’s, we watch as Claire and Jamie’s daughter grows up with Frank as her father. Claire and Frank have a weird relationship rule now that allows them to see other people. This lasts until Brianna graduates and Frank tells Claire he wants to take their daughter to England…oh, and he wants a divorce.

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Back in Jamie’s era, he meets the new governor of the prison, and he’s a familiar character in Lord John Grey. You’ll remember, Jamie saved the young John Grey’s life before the final battle at Culloden.

Jamie and Lord Grey strike up a friendship, and when Jamie tells Grey he knows who he is, it seems to cement the bond between them. Lord Grey shares a tender moment with Jamie, but it triggers his PTSD from Black Jack Randall’s rape of him, and the two seem to part ways, not as friends.

Finally, we learn that the British are sending the Scotish prisoners away to colonize Austrailia, but Grey takes Jamie and rides away. Three days into their trek and Grey reveals he’s saved Jamie from a terrible fate and his new role will be to serve a great house as a steward.

Before the show ends, Claire is seen giving comfort to a patient when she learns that Frank has been in a car wreck. He’s dead.

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Now, Claire is free to seek out Jamie’s actual fate and to see if she can return through the stones. Outlander season 3 just got good folks, so stay tuned!