Game of Thrones news: Season 7 available for digital download, Season 8 episode costs revealed


Game of Thrones news powers through the season 7 finale.

Great news for fans of Game of Thrones as season 7 is now available to own on digital download through services like iTunes, FandangoNOW, Google Play, as well as others. According to, fans who download the season digitally can expect some neat bonuses.

  • Documentaries on the costumes, music, and special effects used in season 7.
  • Creating the North and Beyond, a documentary about Jon Snow’s ill-fated wight hunt in “Beyond the Wall.”

Season 7 will be available to bring home on Blu-Ray/DVD on December 12.

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In other news, Variety just released a piece on the rising budget for television shows, and wouldn’t you know it, Game of Thrones season 8 tops the list as the most expensive, for now. Although the new season has just begun prepping for filming, Variety found out that each of the final six episodes will cost HBO $15 million each.

For comparison, when Game of Thrones debuted, it cost around $6 million per episode, and as TIME once reported, season 6 raised the cost to $10 million per, so it makes sense to see the final season take that leap into such a huge budget.

With rumors that each of the final six episodes will be much longer than before, it would make sense that HBO is spending that kind of money.

Plus, there will be at the very least, three large armies to contend with filming in the Night King’s army, Cersei Lannister’s Golden Company, and the combined forces of Jon Snow’s Northern and Daenerys Targaryen’s armies.

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While we still don’t know when Game of Thrones season 8 will premiere, this news does excite us, as the more money the network spends, the grander the scenes must be. At least by our logic, anyway.