Will & Grace Revival Premiere Recap: “Eleven Years Later”


Will & Grace returns after eleven years of being off the air with a fantastic but politically-charged premiere.

It comes as no surprise that “Eleven Years Later,” would want to get an election-themed episode out-of-the-way after a short political video was what reunited the cast in the first place. Whether you agree with their politics or not, there’s no denying that the chemistry between the cast as well as the writing is as sharp as ever. This premiere makes an excellent argument as to why the show was revived and gives fans a taste of the classic NBC sitcom.

Before “Eleven Years Later,” can dive into the storyline, it needs to resolve what happened since the 2006 finale. In a particularly hilarious bit, Karen wakes up and needs to be reminded what has actually happened in the past few years. Jack is still living across the hall and Grace has moved back in with Will while the dust from her divorce settles (not her genitals as the former quips).

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They no longer have kids because “Nobody wants to see you two raise kids,” Karen gleefully yells, who is also ecstatic to find out that she is still wealthy and married to Stan. Not to mention “her guy,” was elected to the presidency and now she can spend all of her time gloating to Grace.

Speaking of Grace, she wants to get more involved with saving the world after catching Will emailing a Congressman to try to keep environmental regulations in place. In fact, she decides that stopping Karen from touting her politics in the office would be an equivalent to her roommate’s efforts, however she caves when she gets an office to remodel the Oval Office.

Luckily, Will isn’t actually emailing a Congressman for the environment but actually because he’s romantically interested which sends him and Jack on their way to the White House as well. Of course, the four friends all run into each other which leads to a massive pillow fight in the Oval Office between Will and Grace. As much fun as it is to see the two squabble in “Eleven Years Later,” it’s more fun to see Jack and Karen being their typical terrible selves hanging about in Washington D.C.

While the blowout leads to Grace deciding it’s time for her to move out of Will’s place, the two friends ultimately to stay together. She “packs” her bags to make a dramatic exit but admits that she expected to make up with him before actually leaving when Will realizes that her bags are empty.

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Karen makes a point of adding that her friends become “ultra-preachy” when they talk about politics which should calm any fans’ fears that the show will continue to be political in every episode. However, “Eleven Years Later,” is a fantastic debut nonetheless and an excellent start to NBC’s biggest revival.