Actor Joel Kinnaman won’t return for Altered Carbon season 2 on Netflix


If Netflix moves forward with Altered Carbon season 2, it will do so without Joel Kinnaman.

If you’ve had the great pleasure of watching Netflix’s exciting new science fiction thriller Altered Carbon, then you no doubt have come to enjoy actor Joel Kinnaman’s standout performance as Takeshi Kovacs. Apropos of nothing, this writer has forgone his usual preferred method of binging each new Netflix show, in favor of watching each episode of Altered Carbon, one at a time, each night. The show is so good, I want to savor it.

On Altered Carbon, Kinnaman plays a character named Takeshi Kovacs, a highly skilled and trained warrior from 250 years in the past, “resleeved” into the body of a cop framed for a murder he didn’t commit. The show has all the amazing and aesthetically pleasing sites and sounds of Bladerunner 2049, with a story and acting that more than matches its surroundings.

Sadly, should Netflix decide to option Altered Carbon for a second and hopefully 3rd season (and why would it not?), Joel Kinnaman won’t reprise his role. The main reason, barring what happened in the finale, is the actor has already signed on to the lead role of Hanna, with Amazon Studios.

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Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Kinnaman cited the books — on which the show is based — goes in a different direction, after season 1.

"We have no idea what the second season would be, but my guess is that they would follow the two other books, and they are all on completely different planets, completely different worlds, and my guess is — and I don’t know — my guess is that it’s sort of going to be an anthology show where maybe a couple of the characters continue into the next season. But no one knows what’s going on in the second season."

While that certainly makes sense, Altered Carbon has greatly benefitted from having Joel Kinnaman in the lead role, and should Netflix move forward with more seasons, we can only hope a new actor will be able to fill his rather large shoes.

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Altered Carbon is currently streaming on Netflix.