‘Atlanta’ season 2 trailer, premiere date: It’s ‘Robbin’ Season’ as FX series takes a new turn


Season 2 of Atlanta is headed back to FX sooner than most fans think and the recent trailer release proves that there is still a lot of stories to tell. 

After an extremely long wait for the sophomore season of this Donald Glover-led series, Atlanta  is back with a new season and a new name…sort of. For season 2 of the long-awaited return, the series has added a subtitle, “Robbin’ Season.”

The new Atlanta subtitle is there for two reasons. Glover explained at TCA in January that they decided to add “Robbin’ Season” to the title as a descriptive, to differentiate the new season from the first. He explained that they “didn’t want to come at the second season in terms of how do we beat last season, rather how do we make this another season of a show I want to watch.”

Given the time of year during the second season, the “Robbin’ Season” subtitle is fitting. The whole thing takes place during the holidays, despite the series itself releasing in March. As we all know, robberies and thefts increase around Christmas time each year. In the trailer, one of the actors alongside Glover even says, “It’s robbin’ season and we all have to eat.”

As far as inspiration for the second season of Atlanta, Donald Glover says that Tiny Toons helped him craft the new episodes and storyline. Given the great creativity of the first season, one that won several awards for the show, this revelation could prove to be very interesting.

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Atlanta season 2 spoilers have been hard to find, even after scouring the new trailer. What we do know is that the story will continue as Earnest “Earn” Marks (Glover) and his cousin Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles (Brian Tyree Henry) continue trying to survive the day-to-day struggle and try to make it big on the Atlanta music scene.

In the trailer, it all starts out with Paper Boi doing a radio station promo. He’s asked to pretend that it’s a big party in there and “everything’s crazy.” That didn’t go over well with the up-and-coming rapper, who raises an eyebrow but never changes his energy.

The trailer quickly cuts to Earn, who is seen sleeping in a storage unit. It seems that he’s going to lose his alternative living quarters, forcing him to look for another place to crash and to make more money so he can make ends meet.

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Despite the name change, it looks like Atlanta’s sophomore season will be just as gritty and real as the first. As Glover and his team of writers try to make a gripping se

ason 2 without competing with the success of the first, they’ve managed to create one of the most relatable series’ on FX.

Atlanta Robbin’ Season premieres on March 1 on FX