Ash vs Evil Dead ‘Apparently Dead’: 5 Takeaways

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Ash vs. Evil Dead zips along with the third season of the hilariously gory Bruce Campbell franchise.

The third episode of season 3 is titled “Apparently Dead,” which is an excellent pun because two parents come back from the dead in this episode. Both instanced did nothing but drive Ash Williams further apart from his daughter Brandy.

Here is a look at our five takeaways from Ash vs. Evil Dead, season three, episode three – “Apparently Dead.”

1. The return of a loved one

When this week’s episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead starts, the Starz series proves why it is the most irreverent show on television today. Brandy is at the funeral home, preparing for her mom Candy’s funeral when her dad Ash shows up. After stealing flowers from a vase to present to Brandy, he lets her know that he is there for her.

However, this is a funeral on an episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead, and as the show has proven over the last two-plus years, nothing is sacred. In this case, Ash learns that the funeral parlor reattached Candy’s head — which is not a good thing. As a result, Ash went in to pay his respects and is attacked by the revived Deaditte that used to be Candy.

After a hilarious — and very wrong — battle INSIDE the casket, Ash decapitates Candy again but is knocked out when the lid falls on him. Flash forward to the funeral itself, and as Brandy is giving her speech to the mourners, Ash busts out and the head goes rolling.

This leaves everyone aghast, Brandy running away in tears, and Ash realizes that Brandy’s guidance counselor is none other than Ruby, who tells Ash to back off or his daughter will pay for it. This is the perfect way to re-introduce the battle between Ash and Ruby, and it happened early in this season.

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