Game of Thrones Season 8 casting news and location spoilers


If you want to be completely surprised with the final season of Game of Thrones, you may want to quit reading any further.

Casting new characters in a final season of any show can be tricky — I’m looking at you, Cousin Oliver! But in Westeros, casting new characters doesn’t necessarily mean they’re jumping the shark.

According to Watchers of the Wall, producers are looking to cast a woman, aged 25-30, who has a natural look about her and has improvisational skills. They will also be casting identical twin girls, 5-8-years-old, to play her daughter.

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Watchers also report that these two new characters will appear in only one episode, and they will film in May and June. British actor Frank Blake will play a Northern Sentry, and reportedly already completed shooting his scenes.

Now let’s talk about location. In addition to filming at the gates of the Moneyglass set, Watchers of the Wall also says Game of Thrones is filling at Saintfield and Magheramorne.

You may remember Saintfield is where the monumental Battle of the Bastards took place in Season 6. And a green screen has been constructed at Magheramorne Quarry, which Watchers says it may be used for some sort of action sequence.

Some leaked pictures from Magheramorne set show unsullied dressed for battle. Other shots make the set look like it’s on fire.

Another huge structure is being assembled at the King’s Landing set, which is located at Titanic Studios. It could hold another green screen or could help block filming to avoid spoilers.

One thing for sure is that filming at all three sites, all located in Northern Ireland, took place at night.

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Could all three of these sites be used as the locations for one massive battle scene — maybe even the war against the white walkers? What do you think?

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