More Dragonpit scenes are coming on Game of Thrones Season 8


Filming will again take place in the ruins of Itálica amphitheater, where the season 7 finale of Game of Thrones took place.

Game of Thrones will film in Spain again for Season 8!

Watchers on the Wall report that the ruins of Itálica amphitheater, located in Santiponce, Seville in Spain, is closed off. This could only mean preparations are already in motion to begin filming there soon.

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You might remember that the Dragonpit served as the setting of a very important meeting in the season 7 finale. Dany, Jon, and Tyrion asked Cersei for help to defeat the Night King by showing them an actual White Walker.

So, this can only mean that the Game of Thrones gang will return to the Dragonpit in some shape or form.

The Itálica amphitheater will close from May 3 to 18 so rumor has it filming will take place around then. But no one knows who will be appearing in these scenes.

Last time, the actors appearing in the scene began popping up around Seville in the days leading up to the filming dates. So, if you will happen to be in the south of Spain in May, keep your eyes peeled for your favorite characters.

Now I’m curious as to what could be happening in the Dragonpit during season 8. Most everyone who is essential to the story is in the North, leaving only Cersei in the South.

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So, what could be happening here? I think there are three possibilities:

  • Cersei will merely wander around pit, or meet with Qyburn and Ser Gregor (AKA the Mountain). But why would this take place in the Dragonpit when they have a perfectly good castle?
  • It’s a flashback to the era of the Mad King when dragons occupied the Dragonpit. But why would we need to see that?
  • The Night King has descended upon King’s Landing, and the Dragonpit will be the scene of a significant battle.

What do you think filming in the Itálica amphitheater means? Read about more location spoilers.