Catch-22 casts Kyle Chandler, Clooney switches roles


Kyle Chandler takes over George Clooney’s role in Hulu’s Catch-22 mini-series as Clooney opts for a smaller part to focus more on directing and producing.

Plans have changed for Catch-22, Hulu’s upcoming mini-series adaptation of Joseph Heller’s classic novel. It was first reported that George Clooney would be taking the role of Colonel Cathcart, one of the main characters of Catch-22 and the air force squadron’s commanding officer.

Slashfilm reports that part has been recast with Kyle Chandler in the role so that Clooney can turn his attention to directing with his co-producer Grant Heslov.

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Chandler might best be known for his roles on shows like Early Edition and Friday Night Lights, but has also appeared in films like Super 8, Argo, The Wolf of Wall Street, and will be seen in the upcoming Godzilla movie Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

He often plays characters with a down to earth “everyman” kind of demeanor who often is in some position of authority — ineffective or otherwise. Chandler seems like the perfect choice to play the inept and ambitious Colonel Cathcart.

Chandler joins Hugh Laurie and Christopher Abbott who will play Major de Coverley and Yossarian respectively.

Clooney instead will be playing a character named Scheisskopf, a smaller and less demanding role than Colonel Cathcart. Scheisskopf — a name that literally translates into English as “shithead” — is a character who is mainly interested in the organizing and running of parades and who advances through the ranks due to his skill in this area.

He is generally disliked by his men, who take revenge on him by sleeping with his neglected wife.

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There are plenty more characters in the book, both main and supporting, so we can expect quite a few more announcements as they fill up the rest of the cast.