The Walking Dead season 8 finale sets eyes 2 surprising characters


The Walking Dead is all set to air its season eight finale — with focus on two specific characters.

The Walking Dead season 8 finale is upon us! Tonight the all-out war comes to a head in the fight between Negan and Rick — or so we hope.

However, there are characters we haven’t seen much of this season who may have a bigger role in tonight’s finale, at least according to The Walking Dead Fan Bag.

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Season 8 has spent most of its time on the inevitable war between the Saviors and everyone else. This season has brought some of the most epic moments of the series so far — including some gruesome kills and sadly, the death of Carl.

However, tonight, the war will come to an end and someone will come out on top — for better or for worse.

There are two characters that have not been at the forefront of the season as much as we’d like — Eugene and Jesus. According to The Walking Dead Fan Bag, however, they may have a bigger role in tonight’s season finale.

For the Jesus fans, it appears he will be partaking in hand to hand combat against the Saviors like a real badass.

Carl left the world with high hopes that Negan and Rick would come to a solution, and Jesus may play a part in that. He was all for more peace, no war and may be the missing link to bring peace between Rick and Negan.

Another character that may outshine the rest is Eugene — who has spent season 8 being Negan’s lackey. He does carry guilt for switching to the Saviors’ side and hints of conflict with the matter seem to ail him. The Walking Dead Fan Bag stated that his story will be front and center in tonight’s finale:

"“Almost no one has correctly predicted what’s in store for Eugene during the Season 8 Finale and beyond. And we kind of like that. We can tell you that you’ll see plenty of him in this final episode.”"

Will Eugene switch back to “our” side or will he remain forever loyal to the Saviors? We’re betting our cards on him switching and predicting that those bullets aren’t actually going to be useful. However, he may not have an easy time being accepted back with Rick and the gang — especially not Rosita.

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The Walking Dead season 8 finale premieres tonight on AMC at 9/8c! Make sure to come back to Show Snob for our reactions and responses as the season rolls to its close.