Killing Eve recap: ‘I’ll Deal With Him Later’


Any lingering questions from last week’s Killing Eve premiere are quickly answered in “I’ll Deal With Him Later.”

In fact, these two Killing Eve episodes could have easily been combined into one premiere considering how easily they fit together. While the two leading ladies don’t get to interact in this hour, the teams are assembled for the cat-and-mouse game.

“I’ll Deal With Him Later” picks up with Eve going in for a breakfast interview with Carolyn Martens. The meal is quite entertaining to watch even though its main purpose is to learn more about the desk agent.

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A quick scan of her browser history reveals to Martens what the audience already knows, Eve is obsessed with female assassins. However, it only takes a few minutes for Eve to admit that she admires the woman executing the killings.

"“She is outsmarting the smartest of us and for that she deserves to do or kill whoever the hell she wants.”"

It’s this line that sums up Eve’s entire worldview and why she has such a deep respect for Villanelle. She’s constantly been underutilized in a job that’s clearly beneath her but Villanelle has the opportunity to showcase her talents.

Yes, that happens to be sadistically murdering people for money but it’s still a fantasy Eve can lust after. “I’ll Deal With Him Later” does do a good job of highlighting the key difference between the two women: compassion.

Villanelle’s superior believes she needs to be reigned in because her recent killing has been more disturbing than usual. Throughout “I’ll Deal With Him Later” she attempts to act the way people expect her to before erupting into laughter at the absurdity. Early in the episode, Sebastian is introduced as the handsome and kind artist who might bring out the best in the assassin.

For a little bit, it actually seems like he could be someone she relies on for the long-term. Killing Eve quickly destroys any hope for a “gentler” version of Villanelle by the end of the episode when Sebastian accidentally kills himself. Now he’s just one more liability she doesn’t have to deal with and happily shrugs it off.

After Eve compiles her spy team, and Villanelle learns of the task force the two women can get to work. “I’ll Deal With Him Later” effectively shows the latter’s fear for the first time when she realizes the woman in charge of finding her has already done so. Eve knows her face, and it’s the only time the assassin has been truly vulnerable in these past two episodes.

It’s remarkable how well “I’ll Deal With Him Later” handles both teams within the hour. Eve is quirky and ambitious but never grating while it’s easy to forget how villainous Villanelle is because of her charm.

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Based off of the Killing Eve trailer for next week, the women will finally get to face each other with their newfound knowledge. It’s hard not to be excited to see exactly how this cat-and-mouse game will unfold and who will ultimately end up on top.