Good Girls recap: ‘Shutdown’


As entertaining as Good Girls is, it’s still a little disheartening to watch these women dig themselves a deeper hole each week.

“Shutdown” continues the blackmail storyline started last week to terrorize the group. Unfortunately, things don’t run that smoothly when Rio’s operation is momentarily closed while the FBI closes in on them.

How much more can the girls take before cutting their losses and running? Things are definitely not looking great for the three rookie criminals.

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When Rio has to shut down his business, the women are sent packing back to their old lives. Unfortunately, it works as a sad reminder to them about how incredibly bored they were.

Annie is stuck trying to pay off a massive amount of legal bills and Ruby still has her daughter’s health to worry about. Weirdly enough, Beth is the least satisfied returning to the role of doting suburban mom where she has to attend PTA meetings and deal with other parents.

However, “Shutdown” highlights the newest obstacle to help distract the women from their lives. Mary Pat is strutting around town as the looming threat that the girls will need to deal with soon. She casually shows up at a soccer game to threaten Ruby and drop hints to Stan about his wife’s illegal actions. Knowing that they need to figure out a way to make up for the blackmail they owe her, Beth floats the idea of robbing a 7-11.

Naturally, Annie and Ruby aren’t exactly on board with another robbery considering how the first one went. It does highlight just how far down the rabbit hole these three have gone that they would even contemplate the idea.

Luckily, Annie feels slighted by Greg’s new wife and suggest they hit her three different spa clinics instead. They managed to steal $40,000 worth of Botox, but can’t find anyone to actually buy the product. Even Rio knows it was a bad decision, but weirdly enough Dean manages to use his sketchy doctor to actually help for once.

“Shutdown” also highlights just how terrible of a choice this was in the first place. Turns out Greg’s wife is deep into an IVF treatment which is why she’s been a little moody.

Naturally, Annie ends her romantic tryst with Greg who ends up breaking her heart with his biting last words. It’s hard to dislike Zach Gilford, so hopefully, he can redeem himself at some point later in the season.

Beth also meets her true match in her blackmailer, Mary Pat. The two women go head to head at the drop-off, where Beth casually threatens her children. For Mary Pat, the blackmail isn’t personal but a financial one to pay off her husband’s debts.

It’s a situation Beth can relate to, but she isn’t about to be swindled out of her hard-earned illegal cash. “Shutdown” makes it clear that if Beth or any of the women go down than Mary Pat will as well.

Good Girls picks up next week with Rio’s operation back up and running. It looks like the girls will be rising in the criminal ranks but will run into some trouble with the law.

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Considering it’s Beth who finds herself followed by the cops, it’s unlikely anything substantial comes from it. Christina Hendricks has stepped forward as the lead out of the three women on Good Girls and she’s not going anywhere for the time being.