Silicon Valley season 5, episode 4 recap: Tech Evangelist


Silicon Valley takes on religion in the tech industry.

This week’s Silicon Valley handles religion in a light-hearted way making for an interesting, thought-provoking episode. Things are finally settling down in the offices of Pied Piper as the mole has been identified and the horde of employees are finally falling into a groove.

Richard gathers a group of eight developers and refers to them as the OctoPipers as he implements a new messaging system.

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Not only has Pied Piper brought on eight startups but they are also signing on with a potential video game developer called K-Hole. While talking to one of the developers who has a gay dating site, Richard reveals that the guy is Christian, sending everyone into a frenzy over its taboo in the industry.

This week also continues to explore the Jian Yang storyline as we learn that Big Head is the true next of kin for Erlich. Not only does this take away Jian Yang’s share that he took from Erlich but brings Big Head back into the story.

There is more good news for Pied Piper when Jared and Gilfoyle find the mole and learn that Dinesh is the one sharing information with him.

Rather than firing the mole, they decide to keep him on so he can now spy on their behalf and keep Gavin out of the loop. Meanwhile back at the Hooli offices, Gavin Belson shows off his Box 3 that has an odd penis shaped signature.

As he heads off to take a few days off, he leaves behind a message that his team takes to mean has a hidden message.

Richard and the OctoPipers head off to K-Hole to sell PiperNet to them but things take a turn when DeeDee is outed as a Christian.

However, DeeDee takes the opportunity to embrace being a gay Christian but Richard turns him away. Any guesses to who DeeDee takes his business too? Jian Yang, of course!

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Jian Yang has decided that he is going to create the Chinese version of Americans including Chinese Snapchat and Chinese Expedia–and Chinese Pied Piper.

At the end of the episode, he leaves a note at the incubator telling the group he is off to China to create a new internet. Uh oh, that can’t be good.

Silicon Valley airs Sundays at 10/9c on HBO.