Star Trek: Discovery to feature young Spock in flashback


Jonathan Frakes has confirmed at El Paso Comic Con that season two of Star Trek: Discovery will feature a young Spock via flashback.

While it is still uncertain that season two of Discovery will feature an adult Spock serving on the USS Enterprise, Screenrant reported that Frakes has revealed there will be flashback scenes featuring a young Spock along with a young Michael Burnham in episode two.

Up until now, there’s been no information about the pair’s relationship.

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Also featured in episode two will be Anson Mount (Inhumans, Hell on Wheels) as Captain Christopher Pike. It is unclear why Spock would not be serving under him at this time or why an adult Spock wouldn’t appear in the episode.

With filming on season two starting today, they are either keeping the biggest casting news quiet for the biggest effect, or there will be some reason that Spock will be away for the Discovery’s encounter with the Enterprise.

Regardless, Pike’s appearance and the flashbacks of Spock with Michael will be the biggest connection between Discovery and the rest of the Star Trek universe yet.

Although I would argue that the series is already firmly set in the universe in tone, style, and ideology — more so than some of the franchise’s lesser attempts (ahem, Enterprise) and does a better job of adapting the series for modern audiences. It needs only time and these tangible ties to Star Trek mythology to solidify its place in the lore.

Frakes, who famously played Commander William Riker on Star Trek: Next Generation, also confirms that he will be directing two episodes of the new season of Discovery — episodes 2 and 10.

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Frakes is a well-known television director and is a familiar name attached as director for Star Trek titles — including the film Star Trek: First Contact. Frakes directed episode 10 of season one and is a trusted shepherd of the Star Trek franchise.