Mr. Mercedes return date and cast news


Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes had a critically acclaimed first season when it debuted on AT&T Audience Network in 2017.

While the audience numbers are not clear, as AT&T Audience Network is only available to Uverse, DirecTV and the DirecTV Now app (approximately 26 million), the show’s success depends solely on critical opinion.

With that said, Mr. Mercedes (based on the first book in the Bill Hodges’ trilogy by Stephen King) did pick up a Saturn Award nomination for Best Action-Thriller Television Series.

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If you missed it, or are unfamiliar with the Stephen King story, Bill Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) is a retired police detective still haunted by the one serial killer who got away. That killer used his Mercedes to run over and massacre a group of people waiting outdoors in the cold for a job fair to open.

Once Hodges is retired, the killer — Brady Hartsfield (Harry Treadaway) starts to taunt Hodges using computer knowledge to hack into his computer and leave messages mocking the former detective for never catching him.

The twist of the show is that this isn’t a mystery, but a thriller because it takes us both into the life of Hodges and the twisted life of Brady as well. While Hodges is broken down and tired, Brady has a fractured home life where he lives with his mother (Kelly Lynch) and operates from her basement.

The first season ended with Bill Hodges suffering a minor heart attack while the cousin of one of Brady’s victims (Holly Gibney) beats Brady into a coma with a small statue.  While some fans might think Brady is finished, King fans know that it is just getting started.

According to Deadline, the director for Mr. Mercedes Jack Bender didn’t talk about the storyline for season two but did talk about the relationship between Hodges and Brady.

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The second season is likely to deal with the second Hodges book, Finders Keepers, which has the former detective as a private investigator with Holly as his partner, investigating a decades-old cold case. For those wondering about Brady, he makes his return in book three — End of Watch.

Season 2 of Mr. Mercedes returns to the AT&T AUdience Network for a 10-episode season on August 22.