More The Walking Dead characters to crossover into Fear The Walking Dead!


We can expect more character crossover in this season of Fear The Walking Dead!

For those that tuned into Survival Sunday finally saw the epic crossover event that took Morgan from The Walking Dead into the world of Fear The Walking Dead. But he wasn’t the only one to be seen in the season four premiere. Rick, Carol, and Jesus also made a short-lived appearance before Morgan packed his bags and ran off to Texas.

And while that had fans jumping with excitement, there is more where that came from! Yes, that’s right, at least one more character will be making the move over to the spin-off according to The Walking Dead official Twitter account:

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This has fans SUPER excited because the worlds colliding is something many have been hoping for since Fear The Walking Dead originally premiered.

Naturally, there has been a time jump going into season four of Fear The Walking Dead which opens the floodgates for crossovers galore. It is safe to assume Maggie and Rick will not be crossing over as they are needed at the Hilltop.

But this leaves speculation as to who else could join Morgan in Fear. Perhaps, Heath who has been M.I.A. for quite some time or Jerry? The possibilities are endless which has on the edge of our seats as we anxiously await to see who else will join the Clarks’ survival story.

The Walking Dead’s eighth season was quite slow and low in ratings and fans got over the fight between Negan and Rick, hoping for the storyline to finally come to an end. If there is a stronger crossover element involved, it may boost ratings and some life back into the show.

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Fans have long speculated that the connection between the two shows may lie in two characters actually being related to one another–mainly Rick and Madison being related in some way. Luckily, we won’t have to wait too long before finding out the next character to crossover!

Fear The Walking Dead airs on AMC every Sunday at 9/8c.