Westworld season 2: Everything we currently know


Here is everything we know about the upcoming second season of Westworld!

The season one finale of Westworld left us with so many burning questions and not enough answers. Now nearly a year and a half later, we are just days away from the season two premiere of Westworld which means we can hopefully get some answers –and probably more questions.

Some of the questions that have been plaguing us since season one include whether or not Dr. Ford is really dead and what will Shogun World be like?

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While not much information has been leaked regarding season two, there are some things we do know!

6 new Westworld cast members — 3 regulars, 3 recurring

  • Katja Herbers (will play a guest named Grace)
  • Gustaf Skarsgard (will play Karl Strand)
  • Fares Fares (plays tech expert Antoine Costa)
  • Betty Gabriel (plays character named Maling looking to bring order)
  • Jonathan Tucker
  • Neil Tucker

Angela and Peter Abernathy are now series regular characters

Louis Herthum (plays Dolores’ father, Peter) and Talulah Riley (plays Angela) will now be a bigger part of the narrative going into season two. Peter was replaced as a host after he became somewhat aware of his host state so it will be intriguing to see what role he plays in season two. Angela is the host who welcomed William when he first arrived at Westworld and wasn’t a huge part of the first season — but now she will be.

The Man in Black is back!

Yes, that’s right! Ed Harris and Jimmi Simpson will return as the infamous Man in Black/William. After the season one massacre, the Man in Black’s fate was up in the air but fret not because he will be back — perhaps more rigid and cruel as ever, if we’re lucky. We learned that William is the Man in Black when he’s younger in season one and via flashbacks will learn more about his journey to the ruthless Man in Black.

Westworld’s Head of Security Ashley Stubbs is alive!

In the finale of season one, Ashley was attacked by Native American hosts so whether or not she survived was uncertain. Thanks to stills from season two, we know that she is indeed alive and well. Oh, and so is Luke Hemsworth’s Ashley (thank goodness, because he is a cutie, right?)

New hosts!

For anyone that has seen the trailers/stills from season two of Westworld, then you have seen the new white, faceless, super creepy hosts that mimic molds. In the trailer, one is seen hovering over Bernard’s shoulder giving us the absolute heebie-jeebies about their existence. Showrunners have said that these hosts are referred to as “drone hosts” and are controlled by Delos.

Don’t worry — Elsie Hughes is alive too!

Thankfully, most of the those we believed to be dead are not — including Elsie Hughes. If you recall, Bernard had strangled her in the final scene leading us to believe she died. However, she came up on the interactive Delos map indicating that perhaps she never died in the first place. Showrunner Joy has confirmed that Elsie will re-emerge in season two.

Charlotte Hale made it through the purge!

Tessa Thompson, who plays the executive director of Delos’ board, will be in season two! Based on season two stills, she is seen with Bernard which can only mean she is still looking over to take over the park. But don’t be fooled, she still remains a target for the host rebellion.

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Maeve and Westworld’s Head of Narrative will meet

As we soon from the first season, Maeve wants to reunite with her daughter. Well, in second season this just may become a reality–but at what cost? Stills and trailers from season two show Maeve and Lee finally meeting but in front of a pile of dead bodies. Welp, that can’t be good.

While Dr. Ford will return to season two, Anthony Hopkins will not

After the brutal death of Hopkins’ Ford in the season one finale, fans have long been speculating that it was not actually Ford that died — but his host version. And while we will still cling to the hope that the theory is true, showrunners have been dead set on saying Ford is indeed dead. But they could be screwing with us, right? While Hopkins’ may not actually come back, a younger version of Ford will be played by an actor for flashback scenes.

Westworld season one will be available for streaming through Xfinity

For those who have Xfinity but do not have HBO, you will be able to watch the first season in its entirety — for free before Sunday’s season two premiere. The season can be seen through XFinity1, through the Xfinity streaming app, or via a web browser. A pretty sweet deal, we’d say.

More epic music — including more piano covers!

If you’ve been keeping up with season two trailers then you’ve already heard some of the amazing covers for season two. So far, we’ve heard an instrumental version of Kanye West’s “Runaway” and Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box.” And there is plenty more to look forward to as season two begins.

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More parks!

The season one finale gave us a brief glimpse into additional worlds outside of Westworld — including Shogun World. Based on trailers and stills, we know that Shogun World is most definitely a big part of season two, but will there be more? In the original movie there was also Medieval World and Roman World — so here’s to hoping we get more park action this season!

Westworld returns for season two on Sunday, April 22nd on HBO at 9 P.M. EST.