HBO releases full length trailer for Westworld season 3

Photo: Emmy® Winning Drama Series WESTWORLD Returns For Its Third Season March 15, Exclusively On HBO.. Image Courtesy HBO
Photo: Emmy® Winning Drama Series WESTWORLD Returns For Its Third Season March 15, Exclusively On HBO.. Image Courtesy HBO /

HBO has released the first full-length trailer for season three of Westworld and it looks every bit as vast and ambitious as promised.

HBO’s epic and cerebral sci-fi thriller Westworld is coming up on its season three premiere and HBO has finally released a full-length trailer. While we knew the series was moving into the future, we finally get a look at that beautiful world, full of technological marvels and utopian promises. Of course, not everything can be clean lines and attractive minimalistic decor. Underneath the surface of that shiny future, a war is still being fought between the humans and several conflicting factions of Hosts.

In the new trailer, we get our first glimpse of our favorite heroes and villains, as well as a few hints as to what roles the newest cast members will play. Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) talks to Aaron Paul’s character about her painful birth into the world and how she was never allowed to see the world of humans. Aaron Paul is the same, born into a world that decided what his life would be. Someone’s been watching him and it sounds like he and Dolores are teaming up to go after the person who took his future.

Then we see Maeve (Thandie Newton) take a meeting with Vincent Cassel’s character and he asks her to track down and kill Delores. Who he is, why he wants Dolores dead, and why he’s asking Maeve to do it are all unknown, but he seems to have a lot of wealth and power at his disposal.

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As the trailer moves into an instrumental version of “Sweet Child of Mine” by Guns N’ Roses, we see Dolores visit an aging Man in Black (Ed Harris) and coldly welcomes him to “the end of the game.” We see car chases, guns, Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) wearing overalls in a farmyard setting, whoever is in Charlotte Hale’s (Tessa Thompson) body wondering at the five of them and their odds of succeeding against the world, and the Man in Black finally realizing that his purpose in life is to “save the f***ing world.”

More car chases, guns, riots, and explosions ensue. Dolores drags herself along the floor with half of one arm torn off, a dapperly dressed Bernard walks with Ashley Stubbs (Liam Hemsworth) and tells him the plan is starting, and Dolores tells Aaron Paul that if their plan doesn’t work they do things the old fashioned way by just killing everyone. In the end, it’s Dolores versus Maeve as they face each other down in the street. Dolores’ voiceover warns that “the real gods are coming, and they’re very angry.”

There’s a lot to take in here. Westworld creators Christopher Nolan and Lisa Joy said that season three would be vast and ambitious and they weren’t kidding. As always, I’m intrigued by the single-mindedness of both Dolores and the Man in Black. That’s part of what made them such a good pairing before they parted ways and I’m interested to see how their relationship has changed and how poor William has come to see the future he met in the season two cliffhanger.

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I also can’t wait to see how our new cast members fit into the story. Aaron Paul and Vincent Cassel look to be very much at the extreme ends of the socio-economic spectrum and how that factors into their motives and alliances will be fascinating to witness.

Westworld season three premieres on HBO on Sunday, March 15 at 9 PM.

Source: HBO